A Visit To The National Headquarters Of Nice People

http://The nicest people live in Ashland, Ohio. At least that’s what the sign along I-71 at U.S. 250 says. We decided to investigate and discovered that Ashland University has been very nice to incoming students giving them a huge chocolate chip cookie. We discoverd a lot of other things that convinced us Ashland is a nice place. We invite you to take a look.

You Auto Go To Bowling Green

We take off for northwest Ohio today and a auto-themed trip. Bowling Green is our destination for this winter-time getaway. We stop for a look at a unusual wind-farm in BG as well as a unique private-owned museum that is open to the publis. We wrap up the stop with a drive-in restaurant right out of the fifties the “Speedtrap Diner” in nearby Woodville. I invite your comments.

A Journey To The Center Of The World

Grab your camera and the kids and take a One Tank Trip to the Center Of The World. It right here in northeast Ohio in Trumbull County. You can also see a brand new aviation museum, the place where the man was born that created the first hot dog, and even a giant pair of drum sticks. It’s all part of today’s trip.

Enjoy The Artic Weather, Go Ice Fishing

http://In the summer if the weather serves up lemons, make lemonade. The same can be said for our extreme cold. It’s not going away soon, so you might as well find a way to enjoy it. Try ice-fishing on Lake Erie, with Air 1 Airboats, one of the safest ways to travel across the frozen lake, especially at this time of year when there is still open water on much of the lake.

Dazzle The Season At Stan Hywet In Akron

‘Tis the season to deck the halls at Stan Hywet in Akron. Stan Hywet is the baronial homestead of Goodyear co-founder F.A. Seiberling. It’s one of the major homes in Ohio and the nation that draws visitors all year long, but at Christmas time it really sparkles. Join us as we take a look at Christmas at Stan Hywet on a special Holiday One Tank Trip.

The Holiday Lights Of Clifton Mill

One of the most iconic holiday lighting displays is near Dayton in the tiny town of Clifton Mill. The mill is illuminated by over 3 million lights each year. It’s become a tradition of residents in a three state area to be there when the lights come on each night the day after Thanksgiving until New Years. Take a look.

A Dickens Of A Holiday One Tank Trip

Thanks to all of our friends on Facebook we have compiled a list of favorite spots to take the family during the holiday season. Places with unusual light displays or things that just add a little holiday spirit to your outing. Today we start by cruising down to Cambridge Ohio for a Dickens of a Christmastime.

World Recognition Of Some Ohio Autumn Color

Looking for the most beautiful fall color in the entire world? Well a new book published by the National Geographic Society says that Holmes County Ohio is one of the top ten places in the world to witness the changing of leaves in the autumn of the year. We discovered that local folks in Holmes County had been saying that for years. One man who should know is photographer Doyle Yoder who lives and works in Holmes County. His work has been displayed in books and magazine covers all over the world. Join us for another look at autumn in Holmes County through the lens of Doyle Yoder’s camera.

A Spooky Tombstone That Is No Bologna

With Halloween fast approaching we headed for Marion, Ohio this week. Marion claims a real mystery in a local cemetery where a tombstone continues to move, year after year. We talk with a long-time radio host in Marion who is very familiar with the story. We also stop in nearby Waldo to taste a local delicacy, fried bologna sandwiches. All in all a fun Halloween One Tank Trip

Ohio’s Only Floating Island

This week we travel to central Ohio and Buckeye Lake. The lake has over 21 islands and one of them is very special, Cranberry Bog Island, and island that actually floats. Take a look at the Tuesday, Ocober 7th segment that we did on New Day Cleveland on Fox 8 TV. Let me know if you like it.