A Mountain Christmas

This week our Classic One Tank Trip heads back in time 22 years to Christmas of 1994 when we headed for Oglebay Park in West Virginia to take a look at one of the Midwest’s most popular light displays. I’m Happy to report more than 2 decades later its bigger and better than it was in 1994. Its still a great holiday One Tank Trip.

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Candles For Christmas

Candles make great holiday gifts and the A. I. Root Company in Medina, Ohio, has been making some of the best candles found for nearly a century. It all started because a priest at a local church felt the candles he was buying elsewhere were not made of real beeswax. You can see the story again here on this week’s Classic One Tank Trip. And remember, another great Christmas gift is books. My new book, “The Best of One Tank Trips” is a great stocking=stuffer for those members of the family who like to explore Ohio and nearby states. You can buy it at local bookstores or order it on this site.

A Classic One Tank Trip To Frankenmuth, Michigan

Pretzels. Oompah music and the largest Christmas store perhaps in the world. That’s Frankenmuth, Michigan. Our Classic One Tank Trip for this week as we start the annual Holiday season. It’s a great place to sample a little of the old world flavor as well as get into the spirit of the season and it’s just a One Tank Trip

The Ohioan Who Won the Civil War and Became President of the United States

Ulysses S. Grant, born in a tiny riverfront home in Ohio, grew up to be a Civil War General that ultimately led the Union Forces to victory over Robert E.Lee. After the war he went on to become President of the United States. But it is the story of his birthplace that makes this Classic One Tank Trip interesting. Take a look at our Classic One Tank Trip

Ohio’s Presidents

In our “Classic One Tank Trip” this week we continue our look at some of the Ohioans who have become President of The United States. This week we head over to Mentor to take a look at the very short presidency of James A. Garfield. Remember we also have our newest book for sale, “The Best of One tank Trips” You can order it right here on this page.