Taking A Bite Out Of Fall

I get to go back to my boyhood hometown today. Henrietta, Ohio. I grew up next to Dodd’s Hillcrest Orchard and it was my pleasure this week to meet the latest generation of Dodds that, as he put it, is the “present steward” of the apple farm that has been in his family for four generations. Bill Dodd also was just named by a national apple grower magazine as the “apple grower of the year” beating out orchards in Oregon, Pennsylvania and other states. We got a look at what it takes to run a successful orchard in 2015. I hope you like it.

Ohio’s Most Unusual Museum

It was ninety years ago that the largest airship in America dropped out of a stormy Ohio night-time sky. The tragedy is still remembered by folks in Noble County where most of the wreckage came to rest. One woman has turned a families collection about the tragedy into perhaps the strangest museum in the state. Here is the story of “Shenandoah” and one families tribute to an American tragedy.

A Heaven For Train Buffs

Titusville, Pennsylvania is a place that train buffs will love. Not only do they have a passenger train that gives rides over fourteen miles of scenic railways, they are also home to the last railroad in America that has a working mail car. In other words you can send a letter or postcard from the moving train and have it postmarked with the USPS logo for the railroad, just like they used to do when most mail moved by rail. And, they also have a motel here made up of 21 real railroad cabooses. Inside the old cars a modern hotel room can be found with TV and even Wi-Fi. Join us for a ride.

A Trip To Vermilion’s Best Kept Secret

I grew up at Linwood Park in Vermilion and this week I get to share one of my favorite boyhood haunts will everyone. We wander the streets of Linwood, then take a ride on the Mystic Belle for an up close look at the Vermilion Lagoons with Captain Don Parsons. We wrap up the trip with a visit to a place that really does sell fresh Lake Erie fish.

A Place The Ducks Walk On The Backs of Fish

If you have never been to Pymatuning Lake, it is one of my favorite “free” One Tank Trips. All this summer we are attempting to feature as many “free” attractions as possible to make it easier on families to still have fun and not break the bank when they go on a holiday. Check some of our other trips shown on this blog for other ideas for you and the family this summer.

Another Look At Put-In-Bay

It’s a One Tank Trip, and a short boat ride to South Bass Island, home of the Village of Put-In-Bay in Lake Erie. For many the islands have become a rite of summer but for others, especially with large families, it can be an expensive One Tank Trip. We show you this week the most inexpensive way to get to the island as well as some free things to do and some places that offer a good value for your admission fee. Enjoy the island