This week our Classic One Tank Trip goes to Miamisburg Ohio near Dayton. Were going to take a ride on a replica of the very first airplane that the Wright Brothers built and sold to the US Government. Its called a Wright Model (B) The original was built in 1913, over a hundred years ago. A group of Wright Brothers fans have built the replica and for a price will let you experience flight sitting on the wing of the plane just like early aviators. This qualifies as a once in a lifetime experience. Today the ride is still available for a price. If you enjoy our travels please subscribe to this blog, Its free. Its the only way we know if you like our stories or not.


Springtime is the time to clean out your closets, attic, basement and garage. What do you do with all this junk? Why head for the flea market of course and turn that junk into someone else’s treasure.

Our Classic One Tank Trip this week visits Jamie’s flea market in South Amherst OH. Jamie’s has been around for generations. Its a place where people go looking for that special something. Its a great place to turn your surplus junk in to cash.

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Looking for something unusual to do this summer? How about taking a boat ride inside a cave?
Our classic One Tank Trip heads to the Erie Canal in Lockport New York near Niagara Falls. Its home to the longest underground boat ride in the northeast united states. You not only get to see working locks on the historic Erie Canal but you get to explore a man made tunnel and cave that once supplied hydraulic power to this town. This is a fun trip for everyone in the family if you like exploring caves especially in a boat. If you enjoy our Classic One Tank Trips please subscribe to our blog its free.

A Museum For Where The Four Winds Blow

This week our Classic One Tank Trips takes us west to the state of Indiana and a one-of-a-kind museum for windmills. Kendallville is near Auburn and not far from the Ohio-Indiana line. It’s proof of the saying, “If you build it they will come.” The town needed a tourist attraction and realizing that at one time in a fifty mile radius that included Ohio and Indiana that a number of companies were once located here building windmills, the town fathers decided they would honor that heritage with a museum to windmills. Today, the museum is still there and it is still drawing people to Kendallville, Indiana. If you enjoy our trips, please subscribe to this blog. It’s free and an easy way to make sure you don’t miss any of our journies.

A Five-In-One Classic One Tank Trip To Ottawa, Canada

We have a special treat this week. A trip to one of my favorite cities of the world. 24 years ago we did a week-long, five-part visit to Ottawa on Fox 8 TV. Ron Mounts was the videographer and joined my son Craig and me for the adventure. It was one of my very favorite trips and so we combined all five nights into just one segment for this week’s Classic One Tank Trip. The surprising thing was when I went to check to see what had changed since our visit over two decades ago, I made the pleasant discovery that the American Dollars is worth more than Canadian dollars right now and that means it still costs about $100 to make the high-speed run from Toronto to Ottawa, the same as we paid in 1992! And many of the places and sites we visited are still there. If you are planning a One Tank Trip this summer I highly recommend Ottawa as a wonderful destination. Just as we did then we took a One Tank Trip from Cleveland to Toronto in our car and then boarded VIA Rail service and four hours later we were in downtown Ottawa. This trip combines many wonderful things, A train ride, pomp and ceremony, history, cultural events and a great place to relax.

The Birds Are Back

It is Spring and if you are a bird lover this is your time of year when the migration begins and birds of all sizes start returning to or passing through northern Ohio. This week’s classic One Tank Trip takes us to northwest Ohio and the Magee Marsh, one of the prime spots to witness the springtime migration on the edge of Lake Erie. I hope you will take a moment and take a look at today’s story. If you like our travels, please subscribe to our blog by pressing the “subscribe” button on this page. (It’s free) By doing so, you will be advised each week when we post a new trip and also you can keep up with the other travel news we share on this blog. Also remember: A new One Tank Trip book will be published this spring by Gray & Co., Publishers in Cleveland. We’ll have more on the new book as we get closer to the publication date.

Spring Comes To The Akron-Cuyahoga Falls Area

There are a couple of sure signs of spring each year. One of them is in Cuyahoga Falls and the other in Akron. The changing of the seasons is announced each spring when the Cuyahoga River starts to lose it’s ice to the warmer temperatures and in Cuyahoga Falls that means the roar of the tumbling waters puts on a show that is not seen in most other seasons. We found a perfect place to witness this season change. We reported on it several years ago in this classic One Tank Trip. We also took note of another sign of the season, the opening of the iconic Strickland’s ice cream stand across from the Akron-Fulton Airport. I’m happy to report that in 2016 that the river is still flowing and that Strickland’s is celebrating their 80th year of making ice cream. If you enjoy our Classic One Tank Trip updates I hope you will like us and subscribe to our blog so you get each new posting. Remember it’s free.