A Bit Of The 1950’s Lives On In The Akron Area

Swenson’s Drive-In Restaurant in Montross, just outside of Akron, is keeping an American tradition alive. Drive-in, eat-in-your car service. It’s been going since the 1930’s and continues now in the 21st Century. We made this visit in 1999 and nearly 20 years later, the “curb servers” are still running to get your order. We thought that in this fading summer of 2017 it was fitting to take a Classic One Tank Trip back to the 20th Century and another look at a favorite place for burgers and shakes.
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Going Nose To Nose With Some Sharks

In 1999 we visited the Newport Aquarium one month after it opened. We revisited it in 2017 and while there are a lot of changes, For example you walk on a bridge over the sharks now, there is still lots to do and lots to see and well worth the visit.

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A Summer-time Wrap-up

Labor Day Weekend marks the unofficial close of summer, 2017. It went by so fast and I didn’t get to re-visit a lot of the places I wanted to take you.
So, for this last One Tank Trip of this summer we will go to two places that I still recommend. These trips were made in 1990, 27 years ago, but both attractions, South Bass Island, and The Wilds in SE Ohio are still going strong and have even more things to see and do. But hop aboard and come back in time with us this week as we say “Goodbye” to summer with another Classic One Tank Trip.
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A Sternwheeler Trip Through Historic Locks

This week we go back to 2003 and one of our many visits to Marietta, Ohio. This segment is part of a half-hour show we made, showing many of the Marietta attractions. Captain Jason “JJ” Sands has been a friend since he was just a youngster. I also did stories on his father, the legendary Captain Jim Sands, who built the original Valley Gem. The boat is one of the gems of Marietta and it is one of the best ways to see this historic part of Ohio and also get a taste of what it was once like to travel America’ great rivers by the majestic sternwheelers.

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James Dean Hometown Just Across The Border In Indiana

They claim “It’s in the water” as the reason so many famous people came from this tiny rural community in Indiana. James Dean, the legendary Hollywood star was born, and was buried, here. As were a handful of other noteworthy people, including the cartoonist who created Garfield the cat. We visited Fairmount, Indiana in 1995, but I am happy to report when we checked just a week ago, everything we talked about is still there, Ivanhoe’s Ice Cream Stand, the James Dean Art Gallery. It’s still a town that looks like a movie set for small town America and it is still a Classic One Tank Trip.
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Pollywog Holler A Real Eco-Friendly Inn In The Woods

Pollywog Holler in Western New York State was our One Tank Trip about 25 years ago. The location has become a fixture in my speeches over the years. After the story was televised I started getting letters from folks who had taken my advice and booked a weekend at Pollywog Holler. Most had a great time and enjoyed the cabin, the sauna and even the sculptures in the woods. But, there was one couple that apparently did not listen closely to what I said on television about there being no electricity or running water. I usually repeat their letter of complaint at my talks, especially the part where they are outraged that I did not better explain that “non-electric and primitive” means no lights and no flush toilets.”
Sadly, Bill Castle, the founder or Pollywog Holler and sometimes sculptor, passed away earlier this year. I understand his family is continuing the operation of the rustic inn and have even added new events. Check their website in the segment for the latest prices and things to do.
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