An Encore Trip To Mansfield, Ohio

This week’s dip into my past One Tank Trips we head into the 1990’s again and the destination is Richland County and Mansfield, Ohio. The neat thing is everything I talk about is still there to be enjoyed.

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A One Tank Trip To Columbus and a Real Whistleblower

This week we turn the clock back to the 1990s as we take another classic One Tank Trip to Columbus, Ohio to meet the man who is the last metal whistle maker in the USA and who also makes the whistles for the Super Bowl. The best part is that the place is still there. They still give tours and you can still buy the gold-plated whistle they show in the story. Take a look.

New Book Coming in 2016!

All this past year I have been working on a new book that finally answers the question I get asked everywhere I go, “What’s your favorite One Tank Trip?”

We are reaching the final stages of writing after pouring through old files, stories, and videos from over 35 years of traveling Ohio and the surrounding states. I have been able to revisit many of my favorite places and update the story and, hopefully, the new book will be in the stores sometime this spring.

We’ll be posting updates here on the blog and on my Facebook pages every week or so until the book finally goes to press.

I hope that all of you who follow what I do will pass along the word that the book is coming and drop me suggestions on what you think I should include in the new book.

We’ll be talking. See you down the road.

The Joy Of Holiday Lights

The joy of holiday lights was made possible by a man born in northern Ohio. We learn about it today in our One Tank Trip to Lorain County for a look at the holiday lights in the Lorain Metroparks. As I have said down through the years, one of the best bargains in Ohio are our local parks and that is especially true during the holidays when you can enjoy the evening that is turned into magic by some lights, all thanks to a northern Ohioan.

A Dickens Of A Christmas Celebration

We start our look at holiday celebrations this week with another visit to the town of Cambridge in Central Ohio. The county courthouse comes alive each evening with a light show. Dozens of mannequins dot the streets dressed in the era of Charles Dickens remembering his immortal “A Christmas Carol”. Take a look

Starting The Holiday Season

Remember when we used to head to downtown Cleveland, or the big malls to see all the animated figures at the holidays. Well one of my favorite stops this time of year is just across the state line in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. At a garden center that brings back all those animated holiday figures we used to smash our noses against the windows to see at Higbees or the May Co., Best of all, it’s free