Another Way to Explore Toledo, Ohio

This week we take a cruise on the Sandpiper, Toledo, Ohio’s only riverfront cruise boat. Built in the 1980’s the ship, modeled on the canal boats that once cruised the nearby Miami and Erie Canal, the cruise boat makes several trips each week either up the Maumee River past luxurious home or downriver past the skyline of Toledo and under the bridges leading to Lake Erie. This is how the story appeared this week on Fox 8’s New Day Cleveland. By the way, you can now find our new book, “The Best of One Tank Trips” not only on line here, but at major bookstores as well as Acme Markets and Discount Drug Stores.

A Flight In The Yankee Lady, a World War II B-17 Bomber

This week’s Classic One Tank Trip heads to Michigan and to a unique museum who’s motto is, “History Flys” We take a flight in a real WWII B-17, piloted by a retired Major General in the US Air Force. I hope you will come along. If you enjoy our Classic One Tank Trips, please subscribe. It’s free and it means each time we post a new trip you will be automatically notified. Also, don’t forget, my new book, “The Best of One Tank Trips” is now available in book stores, on Amazon or you can also order it on this page.

Underwater Exploring In Lake Erie

Our Classic One Tank Trip this week takes us underwater with a dive team from Port Clinton Ohio. We explore the remains of a ship that went down over a 100 years ago near Kelly’s Island. Its just one of the hundreds of ship wrecks that litter the floor of Lake Erie. Scuba diving on some of these ship wrecks has become popular sport and activity in the last several years. Take a look with us as we go beneath the surface of Lake Erie.

The Biggest Longhorn Cattle Ranch…and It’s Right Here in Ohio

This week we head southeast to Barnesville, Ohio to visit not only the biggest longhorn cattle ranch in Ohio but the whole eastern US. The best part is that you can tour the ranch too. We also stop at one of my favorite eating spots in southeast Ohio, Mehlman’s Cafeteria in St. Clairsville. So saddle up and join us on this week’s One Tank Trip

A Visit to an Old-Fashioned Amusement Park

Kennywood Amusement Park is near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Its been around for over a century and mixes many historic rides with new thrills and adventures. When I made this visit several years ago they had just released one of the tallest chair drop rides in the world. Don’t forget that the new book “The Best of One Tank Trips” is now available in bookstores and other shops or can be ordered online here on

A Great Summertime Destination…Youngstown

Did you know that Youngstown, Ohio is home to the second-largest park in the United States that is inside the city limits of a major town. Mill Creek Park, is second to Central Park in New York City in size. Mill Creek is also Ohio’s oldest metropark. Hit the play button and join us on our adventure today to Youngstown for a look at the park and a treat at my favorite ice cream stand.