A Spooky Tombstone That Is No Bologna

With Halloween fast approaching we headed for Marion, Ohio this week. Marion claims a real mystery in a local cemetery where a tombstone continues to move, year after year. We talk with a long-time radio host in Marion who is very familiar with the story. We also stop in nearby Waldo to taste a local delicacy, fried bologna sandwiches. All in all a fun Halloween One Tank Trip

Ohio’s Only Floating Island

This week we travel to central Ohio and Buckeye Lake. The lake has over 21 islands and one of them is very special, Cranberry Bog Island, and island that actually floats. Take a look at the Tuesday, Ocober 7th segment that we did on New Day Cleveland on Fox 8 TV. Let me know if you like it.

NW Ohio Railroad Museum And A Place To Celebrate Oktoberfest

We’re headed to northwest Ohio and the railroad town of Bellevue where one of the state’s larges railroad museums is located. One of the Mad River and NKP Railroad Museum’s prized possessions is a bell believed to have been on one of the locomotives that pulled the funeral train of Abraham Lincoln. We also discover a really authentic German restaurant where they will soon be celebrating Oktoberfest. Take a look.

It’s Fair Time in Ohio

One of the highlights of summer each year is county fair time in Ohio. We had a chance to visit Ohio’s oldest, the Great Geauga County Fair in Burton, Ohio. But even though the Geauga Fair closed its run on Labor Day, there are still almost two-dozen county fairs around the state slated for September and October. I hope you find time to visit one.

The Mustang Flies Again And A Farm Market Ready For Autumn in Ashtabula County

What a fun trip we had this week. Not only did we get to visit a great farm market near Ashtabula we also got to tour Titan Aircraft and meet John Williams, the owner. What John is doing at his plant in Austinburg is truly remarkable. He is building three-quarter scale P-51 Mustang Fighter Planes from WWII. John’s are called T-51s for Titan Aircraft. I know when we posted a photo of Titan Pilot Bill Koleno leading a flight of T-51s over Ashtabula County this week, it brought out a lot of interest in this week’s show. Also Roy Brant has sold his orchard near Ashtabula but, thankfully, the new owners say nothing is changing. There will still be the bakery, cider slush and all those great apples. I hope you will take a look at the story as it appeared on New Day Cleveland on Fox 8 TV. By the way, my apologies to my friend, Scott Robinson, head of the Chamber in New Philadelphia. My colleague, Natalie Herbick, was talking about doing a story there this week and I started to ask her if she ran into Scott Robinson, but I had a “senior moment” and could not think of Scott’s last name. I wanted to call him Scott Armstrong for some reason. So, if you are reading this Scott, again, my apologies.

A Look At The Original Blue Hole In Castalia, Ohio

This week we get to take a look at Ohio’s tourist history. The original, Blue Hole in Castalia. For over seventy years generations of northern Ohioans made stopping at the Blue Hole a summer tradition. The Blue Hole closed in 1990 and IS NOT open to the public now. We contacted the private club that owns the property and they allowed us this one-time opportunity to take a look at what was once called “Ohio’s Greatest Natural Wonder.”

The Great Lakes National Museum Is Open

The city of Toledo is now home to the Great Lakes National Museum. That’s the same museum that used to be in Vermilion, but much larger and brand new. We had a chance this week to not only tour the new attraction but also to meet Shawn Rames of Toledo, a TV executive whose hobby is flying camera carrying drones. He specializes in skylines around the Toledo area that he posts on Youtube. He was kind enough to demonstrate his quadracopter for us and take video of the museum and some of its exhibits from the air. I hope you enjoy the trip.

A Tree-Top Adventure In Northeast Ohio

My hometown of Henrietta, a few miles west of Oberlin, in Lorain County, has become the home of Ohio’s newest adventure destination. Canopy Tours, a zipline, is now open at Common Ground Center on Baird Road. We spent almost two days filming this zipline adventure that also has the only “floating stairway” in the U. S. The course includes ziplines across the Vermilion River, rope bridges and even spiral staircases in the tops of some trees. The course takes almost three hours to complete and is the only one near Lake Erie. For more information go to www.commongroundcenter.org

An Ice Cream Stand In A Strawberry Patch

Who doesn’t love strawberries? Well this week we found the perfect mix. A strawberry farm that not only offers fresh-grown berries, but also some fresh, home-made strawberry frozen custard.
Add to this the farm is right next door to one of the most popular Metroparks in Lorain County. It has the makings of one of my favorite One Tank Trips this summer. My thanks to Gary and Marsha Kreig for their hospitality the day we stopped by with our crew.

I Lose My Shirt Talking To The Animals

This week we talk to the animals at Wagon Trails Animal Park in Vienna Center, east of Warren. It is a family-run animal park where, unlike a zoo, you can pet and feed most of the animals that live here. There are dozens of exotic critters from all over the world and their giant “Safari trucks” can carry you safely through the enclosure and don’t worry about attracting the animals. They know the truck means snacks and they come running. As for me losing my shirt. Be sure you hang around to the end of the piece. I tried to talk in front of a baby camel who thought my shirt looked like hay. We also discover a down-home style restaurant just up the road called the Yankee Kitchen where salads are enormous and they have won awards for the hamburgers. It’s a great place to stop for a bite after visiting the animal farm. And the whole trip is just a One Tank Trip