Strange Tales from Ohio 2nd Edition . . .

book-3d-stfo2-rgb25300Now available!

An updated and revised edition of the popular book about Ohio’s offbeat history, by Neil Zurcher–the author of “Ohio Oddities” and “Ohio Road Trips.”

Learn why residents of Blueball, Ohio, erected a monument to a pig. Witness the birth of the Inflatoplane (an inflatable airplane, of course) in Akron, and revisit Ohio’s last public whipping, near Dayton. Read about the Funeral Home Museum . . . the Curse of Leatherlips . . . The world’s first recorded automobile accident . . . the oldest Revolutionary War veteran . . . cemetery rootbeer . . . the man who invented disposable diapers . . .

A treat for anyone who enjoys discovering the real wonders of the Buckeye State!

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