America’s Strangest War Memorial

Findlay, Ohio's War Memorial, The Bathtub From the U.S.S. Maine
Findlay, Ohio's War Memorial, The Bathtub From the U.S.S. Maine

Most Communities commemorate past wars with things like cannons, tanks and sometimes even planes and helicopters.  The City of Findlay, Ohio has perhaps the most unique memorial in the country.  They are the proud owners of the bathtub that was once in the cabin of the Captain of the battleship U. S. S. Maine.  The same ship that touched off the Spanish-American War when it was sunk in Havana Harbor.

How did they come to own such a singular trophy?

It all came about years after the war when the local congressman was contacted to supply the city with a suitable memorial of the late battle.  Now I suspect the local folks were thinking of a flagpole, or perhaps even a gun from the mighty ship that had been dredged from the muck of the harbor after the war.   The Congressman had other ideas and decided to get them something really different, the Captain’s bathtub.

You can read the whole story in my book, “Ohio Oddities”, but needless to say the town wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by the gift.  You can still see the bathtub at the Wood County Historical Society in Findlay.

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  1. Neil,there is part of the U.S.S.Maine here in cleveland as well it it located in Newburg heights at the corner of Washington park and E49th

    1. As I point out in “Ohio Oddities” lots of towns around the US got parts of the USS Maine after the Spanish American War (Ohio probably got more than it’s share because the President, McKinley, was from Ohio) Most of the souveniers were parts of the bridge and were made into flagpoles and the like but the bathtub in Findlay was certainly one-of-a-kind and a most unusual remembrance of the war.

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