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Medina County gets a lot of attention each spring because of the Hinckley Reservation where the buzzards return each year, but the park is actually owned by the Cleveland Metro Parks even though it is located in Medina County.


All of the buzzard hoopla usually means Medina Counties own park system is often overshadowed and overlooked.


On Saturday, April 18th, in my column, “Ohio Road Trips” in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I tell the story of the “forgotten” Medina County Parks.  If you missed the story in the PD you can always find it on their website,

Just type in my name and it will direct you to the stories I have done.


We are posting several other pictures that the PD did not use with the story.


As I point out in the column the Medina Park System offers a unique blend of parks that give visitors a chance to hike, fish, boat or just enjoy some wonderful scenery.  Perhaps the most promising fact is that more parks are on the way.  One of them will be a brand new facility on the opposite side of Chippewa Lake, across from the location of the old amusement park which was just recently torn down to make way for a new building project.  The parks system owns the lake and when the new park is completed it will give boaters and fishermen easy access to the popular lake.


Another feature in the Medina Parks that I discuss in the story is the wonderful miniature steam railroad at the Lester Trail Park where free rides are given several times a year by the local train hobby group that operates the rail line.


Couple all of this with a new environmental center that offers some excellent programs for the public, a boardwalk through a wetland and some first class soccer fields, the Medina County Parks are a hidden gem among northern Ohio park systems.


Also we discover an old-fashioned drive-in restaurant on this trip, a place where the carhops literally run to wait on you.


I hope you will check out the story in the Plain Dealer or on line at


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