Wakeboarding Comes To Ohio

Since the first Polynesian, thousands of years ago, spotted a piece of floating timber in the ocean and climbed aboard to ride the waves to shore humankind has been finding new ways to enjoy riding on water.  

 In 1922 eighteen year old Ralph Samuelson of Minnesota decided if he could ski on snow, he could also ski on water and a new water sport was born.

 The problem with water skiing, and many other wakeboard types of equipment, is that they have to be towed by a boat.  But now there is a new attraction in southwest Ohio that let’s you enjoy the thrill of speeding across the water without being pulled by a watercraft.

 Wake Nation is one of only a handful of cable wake parks in the United States and the only one in Ohio.  It is a ten-acre lake in the form of an oval with cables running overhead that tow up to six people at a time at speeds from 18 to 20 miles per hour around the lake.

 Peter Luttmann of Cincinnati and his son, Ryan, age 11, were trying it for the first time.  Ryan Luttmann said, “When you’re looking at the people from shore it doesn’t look like it’s going very fast, but when you are on the cable, on the water, it’s very fast!” His father,  Peter Luttmann, an experienced snow skier, agreed saying it is not as easy as it looks and it took him several attempts to be able to standup on the wakeboard.

 This one-of-a-kind attraction just opened in June and is already attracting large crowds of young adults and families who enjoy skiing and water sports…….

…….Read the rest of this story in the July 11 edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer or  on their website at www.cleveland.com

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