Nose-To-Nose With A Polar Bear

There are several reasons you might want to visit Detroit.  The gambling casinos, that wonderful museum of Americana, The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village, not to forget the Rouge Plant tour to see the history of auto-making in this city.  But one of my favorite destinations in Detroit is the chance to walk amongst some polar bears while they are swimming.

 The Detroit Zoo, actually in the suburb of Royal Oak, has a world-class polar exhibit that allows you to walk into a see-through tube in the bottom of the polar bear’s swimming pool.  It brings you face-to-face with these giants of the north and it is quite a sight to see a several-hundred pound bear swimming right over your head.  The youngsters will love it.

 The exhibit is called “The Artic Ring of Life” and covers over four acres, making it the largest polar bear exhibit in North America.  A bit of polar bear trivia:  There are only 79 polar bears in 33 zoos across the U.S. and Canada.

 The Detroit Zoo is located at 8450 West 10 Mile Road, Royal Oak, Michigan,   248-541-5717  or visit them at

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