Biggest Flea Market in Midwest

In the Saturday, September 19th edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer I report on one of America’s largest flea market.  Here is an excerpt:

Local folks call it the “Midwest’s Largest Flea Market”.  It is a claim that is hard to dispute.  The flea market is located over the Ohio line in Indiana and covers 100 acres. On a good day they will have over 900 vendors set up in neat rows and an auction barn with more than a half–dozen auctioneers all chanting at the same time making it sound like the Biblical Tower of Babel.

 Tour buses from surrounding states help fill the parking lots each Tuesday and Wednesday.

 In the auction barn you can find everything on the auction block from a wooden cigar store Indian to a broken down 1930’s version of a Maytag washing machine.

 The auction started in 1922 and the flea market followed a couple of years later.  It has continued to grow over the years and today attracts an estimated half-million visitors to the small town each year.  Depending on the time of year, the auction barn has seven to ten auctioneers each selling different items, their chants competing with each other as they attempt to sell off the week’s accumulation of auction items that have been brought to the barn to sell.  The auction sale starts at 9 AM on Wednesday morning and runs until mid-afternoon when the barn is sold out.

………You can read the rest of the article in the September 19 issue of the Plain Dealer or read it on line at their website,

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