I’m Back…And On The Road Again

TrueNorth Symphony and Chorale in concert at French Creek Reservation

A lookout on the Steelyard Trail overlooking confluence of French Creek and Black River
piles of gravel give one side of he trail the look of the Moon
Free tram ride for disabled on weekends at Steelyard Trail in Lorain

I’m back.  I have had
to take a “time-out” from this blog since February when I underwent open-heart
surgery.  It went well and I am now
feeling much better and am back on the road exploring Ohio looking for exciting
places to visit with the family.  For the
time-being we will be updating this blog on a monthly basis, but hope to get
back to the weekly posting as soon as possible.
For those who sent cards, flowers and letters during my hospital stay
and recovery.  Thank you very much.

Now, let us hit the road.

The twenty-two parks scattered across two counties that make
up the Lorain County Metro parks could be described as the best little- known jewel
in the Buckeye State.

From a beautiful lake front park with a historic beach and
rose garden, The metro parks also offer a golf course, a huge year-round
swimming center, an equestrian center with seven miles of trails to ride,  formal gardens as well as several parks that
preserve and reflect the pioneer history of Lorain County.

We recently visited a couple of the park systems unique
attractions and spent an afternoon on the Steelyard Trail, part of the Black
River Reservation that ties the cities of Elyria and Lorain together by an all
purpose pathway that allows you to walk, run, skate, bike or, if you have
difficulty walking, ride a free tram over several miles that includes a trail
through the little-seen back yard of the giant Lorain steel plant property
which is filled with slag heaps created by over a century of steel
production.   The acres of slag give one
side of the trail a moon-like appearance. On the other a scenic overlook of the
Black River and even a view of the confluence of the French Creek and the Black
River, the end of the navigable part of the waterway.  Brian Holmes, Park Manager of the Black River
Reservation and Grant Thompson, Chief Naturalist for the Metro parks joined us
for a Tram Ride from Colorado Avenue, through the steelyards, and the James Day
Dam area.  We were joined on the trail by
dozens of people bicycling, roller-skating, jogging and just walking, enjoying
a sunny day and the magnificent scenery as the trail followed the twisting path
of the Black River. Park manager Holmes said on weekends their parking lot is
often crammed to capacity.

The free tram ride, reservations requested, are available
every weekend from 2-3:30PM at the Day’s Dam Picnic Area on East 31st
Street in Lorain.  Call 440-324-5481 for
reservations or visit the park’s website at http://www.metroparks.cc/

Not far away is the French Creek Nature Center and
Reservation on Colorado Avenue in Sheffield Village.   For the past four years it has been home to
an unusual marriage of the park system and TrueNorth, a cultural arts group
that produces plays, concerts, art shows and holds classes for children who
wish to explore their artistic abilities. …..You can read the rest of this
story in the Saturday, June 25th edition of the Plain Dealer or on
their website: http://www.cleveland.com…..

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