An Air Boat Ride on Sandusky Bay

I am frequently asked, “What is your favorite One Tank Trip?” It is hard to answer because I like so many different kinds of things. But one thing is for certain this week’s trip was one of my all-time favorite journies. The Air1airboat ride in Sandusky is perfect for everyone in the family. From the youngest to the oldest. As Captain Tony says,” if they can walk onto the boat, I can probably take them for the ride they won’t soon forget

In case you missed today’s New Day Cleveland on Fox 8 TV here is another chance to join me for a thrilling ride over a part of Sandusky Bay where boats usually can’t go.

I can’t wait until my next ride. By the way, if you would like to see some raw footage of one of my rides on the boat just go to “Airboat Ride on Sandusky Bay” in Youtube. I posted some footage you might enjoy.

3 thoughts on “An Air Boat Ride on Sandusky Bay”

  1. This airboat is having a devastating effect on the wildlife. East Sandusky was a beautiful tranquil place full of wildlife. I kayak in this area. I used to see several eagles each trip. Last weekend I saw none. The wildlife scatters as he goes by. He drives right thru areas that birds nest.

    1. I agree. That thing is loud, when it is on the water everything scatters, and with as many as five trips a day it is very effective at driving the wildlife off.

  2. Nothing has changed. This business continues to operate where waterfowl once were abundant. Passengers get ear protection but the residents get drowned out in their own homes. We had several great blue herons in back every day during the summer until this business began. Now we might see one heron twice a week.

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