Allison and I Turn On The Lights Of The Season

My granddaughter, Allison McCallister and I got to turn on the lights at the iconic Clifton Mill this last Friday Night to start their holiday season with almost 3.8 Million lights covering the mill and grounds near Dayton, Ohio.
It was 17 years ago when Allison was just three years old that we did it the first time. It was a real kick for me to get to do it again with Allison now that she is a 20-year old college junior Also in the last scene you will see many of my real family, as well as my Fox 8 “family”. The folks include my wife, Bonnie, my son, Craig, My Grandson, Bryan McCallister, Allison and her Dad, Ernie McCallister, as well as my producer, Tomi Ambrose, and her son, Jackson.
The Clifton Mill has become a holiday icon for two generations and just gets bigger and brighter each year.

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