A Winter One Tank Trip Onto Lake Erie..We’re Going Ice-Fishing

This week we put on our long-johns, a couple of pairs of socks and several sweaters as we ventured out onto frozen Lake Erie to join our friend, Captain Tony Muscioni in his Air1 Airboat as we went ice fishing. You can’t believe just how cold it is out there on a day the temperature was 4 degrees above zero and the wind had gusts to 20 miles per hour, causing occassional whiteouts. It was an exciting day for me and our crew, whom had never been ice fishing before. The best part, Joe Lowther from Uniontown, Ohio, whom we followed onto the ice caught a three pound walleye and several other fishermen we met also had some good luck. Take a look at the story as it appeared on New Day Cleveland on Fox 8 Tuesday, February 11th.

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