I Lose My Shirt Talking To The Animals

This week we talk to the animals at Wagon Trails Animal Park in Vienna Center, east of Warren. It is a family-run animal park where, unlike a zoo, you can pet and feed most of the animals that live here. There are dozens of exotic critters from all over the world and their giant “Safari trucks” can carry you safely through the enclosure and don’t worry about attracting the animals. They know the truck means snacks and they come running. As for me losing my shirt. Be sure you hang around to the end of the piece. I tried to talk in front of a baby camel who thought my shirt looked like hay. We also discover a down-home style restaurant just up the road called the Yankee Kitchen where salads are enormous and they have won awards for the hamburgers. It’s a great place to stop for a bite after visiting the animal farm. And the whole trip is just a One Tank Trip

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