The Great Lakes National Museum Is Open

The city of Toledo is now home to the Great Lakes National Museum. That’s the same museum that used to be in Vermilion, but much larger and brand new. We had a chance this week to not only tour the new attraction but also to meet Shawn Rames of Toledo, a TV executive whose hobby is flying camera carrying drones. He specializes in skylines around the Toledo area that he posts on Youtube. He was kind enough to demonstrate his quadracopter for us and take video of the museum and some of its exhibits from the air. I hope you enjoy the trip.

2 thoughts on “The Great Lakes National Museum Is Open”

  1. Neil, it’s nice u remember me and are willing to let me know air date for Blue Hole. I’d be so grateful.
    I soooo loved that place as a child. Hv a friend in Pt Clinton and kept hoping her husband wld make a friend w someone who hunts there so I cld get in. but getting in on ur one tank trip wld be wonderful. tnx agn.

  2. I hated to see the museum in Vermilion close (mostly because I have spent some part of every summer of my life at Beulah Beach) but I can tell just from this video, there wasn’t a space big enough in Vermilion for a museum of this size and keep it on the lakefront. But the important thing is at least it’s still in Ohio. And I forget now but I think I heard the old museum/mansion was sold so it shouldn’t be vacant forever.

    Still this reminds me of my favorite One Tank Trip. I only recall this happening once but it could have happened more than once because it was a Friday night and Neil’s One Tank Trip was to visit Vermilion a few days before the Woollybear Festival. He ended the piece by saying something along the lines of Vermilion, Ohio; it’s a One Tank Trip I hope you’ll all be taking this Sunday.

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