The Mustang Flies Again And A Farm Market Ready For Autumn in Ashtabula County

What a fun trip we had this week. Not only did we get to visit a great farm market near Ashtabula we also got to tour Titan Aircraft and meet John Williams, the owner. What John is doing at his plant in Austinburg is truly remarkable. He is building three-quarter scale P-51 Mustang Fighter Planes from WWII. John’s are called T-51s for Titan Aircraft. I know when we posted a photo of Titan Pilot Bill Koleno leading a flight of T-51s over Ashtabula County this week, it brought out a lot of interest in this week’s show. Also Roy Brant has sold his orchard near Ashtabula but, thankfully, the new owners say nothing is changing. There will still be the bakery, cider slush and all those great apples. I hope you will take a look at the story as it appeared on New Day Cleveland on Fox 8 TV. By the way, my apologies to my friend, Scott Robinson, head of the Chamber in New Philadelphia. My colleague, Natalie Herbick, was talking about doing a story there this week and I started to ask her if she ran into Scott Robinson, but I had a “senior moment” and could not think of Scott’s last name. I wanted to call him Scott Armstrong for some reason. So, if you are reading this Scott, again, my apologies.

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