Spring Comes To The Akron-Cuyahoga Falls Area


There are a couple of sure signs of spring each year. One of them is in Cuyahoga Falls and the other in Akron. The changing of the seasons is announced each spring when the Cuyahoga River starts to lose it’s ice to the warmer temperatures and in Cuyahoga Falls that means the roar of the tumbling waters puts on a show that is not seen in most other seasons. We found a perfect place to witness this season change. We reported on it several years ago in this classic One Tank Trip. We also took note of another sign of the season, the opening of the iconic Strickland’s ice cream stand across from the Akron-Fulton Airport. I’m happy to report that in 2016 that the river is still flowing and that Strickland’s is celebrating their 80th year of making ice cream. If you enjoy our Classic One Tank Trip updates I hope you will like us and subscribe to our blog so you get each new posting. Remember it’s free.

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