A Great Summertime Destination…Youngstown

Did you know that Youngstown, Ohio is home to the second-largest park in the United States that is inside the city limits of a major town. Mill Creek Park, is second to Central Park in New York City in size. Mill Creek is also Ohio’s oldest metropark. Hit the play button and join us on our adventure today to Youngstown for a look at the park and a treat at my favorite ice cream stand.

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  1. Hi Neil: my son Kevin is disabled and can walk , but only uses left side….he especially loves your trip suggestions…..if it is not too far….near to the fall, can you suggest a fun ghost tour, there is a place I saw in a magazine, think it was Zoar ohio…..not sure if that is a one tank trip. Thanks, Shirlee Mangan

    1. The “ghost tours” are becoming more popular. A couple I can think of off the top of my head would be the old Ohio Pen in Mansfield. The other is the town of Waynesville, Ohio near Lebanon in SW Ohio. Also there is Rider’s Tavern in Painesville that used to offer tours.

      1. This video says that Mill Creek Park is second only in size to Central Park. Actually, Mill Creek Park is more than four time the size of Central Park, which is only 842.6 areas. The Mill Creek Park spokeswoman says it is 4,000 acres. Big difference. Also, I am surprised that the golf courses, picnic and softball areas, and the performing arts pavilion were not even mentioned.

        1. According to the information I could find this afternoon. It would appear that you are correct, Mill Creek is larger than Central Park. I did not bother to check the claim of the park spokesman, who said it was smaller. I am surprised that the Park Board does not capitalize on this fact. As to why many of the attractions were overlooked in the report. We just had a limited amount of time and wanted to let people know enough about the park that their curiosity might be aroused and, perhaps they would take a “one Tank Trip” to Youngstown.

  2. I`ve seen some bumper stickers in this great State that say ” Stuck in Ohio”. Well, for me “Stuck in Ohio” sure beats many other States. Ohio, its a Great State. wouldn`t want to live anywhere else.

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