A Classic One Tank Trip That Took Us All The Way To Colorado

This week our Classic One Tank Trip travels all the way back to 1987 when we made one of our longest trips to Vail, Colorado. Fox 8 was in the process of being purchased by a man by the name of George Gillette, who also owned most of Vail. The management suggested that Jan Jones, at that time hostess of PM Magazine, and I should go to Vail and see what the resort could offer for our respective programs. What we are showing today is a preview that I did just before we started the week-long series. You will get a good look at many of the attractions and see some of the joint appearances that Jan, a long-time friend, and I participated in. Although it was thirty years ago, many of the things you see are still there. However, if you are planning a trip, be sure to check for updates on places and prices. Let me know what you think of these long ago Classic One Tank Trips.
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2 thoughts on “A Classic One Tank Trip That Took Us All The Way To Colorado”

  1. Hi – I could not view Colorado video – it says it’s private. Please release to public so we can enjoy Neil’s adventure. Thank you and Happy New year :D

    1. We discovered the problem shortly after the piece was posted it has been corrected thank you for calling it to her attention

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