What’s Across Wintertime Lake Erie? A Warm Spot In A Cold Winter

Have you ever looked out over ice-shrouded Lake Erie this time of winter and wondered what’s across the lake? That’s the subject of this week’s Classic One Tank Trip.
We answer the question with a trip to Ruthven, Ontario and visit a huge greenhouse complex. The Colasanti Family has been bringing a taste of the tropics to Canada for at least two generations. In their greenhouse that covers acres, you can sit under an orange tree, or stroll through one of the most magnificent cactus gardens in Canada. But the real attraction is the animal collection, which since our visit has grown to include rides and other family friendly events, making Colasanti’s even more attractive than when we last paid them a visit. One note: While the petting farm was free years ago, today,like many agriculture businesses, they have improved their atttractions and now charge admission. check out their website for current attractions and costs. www.colasantis.com
Remember, if you are looking for other things to do this winter,check out my book,”The Best of One Tank Trips” available on this page.

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