A Castle For Your Valentine

We recently asked a question on Facebook. Would you like to spend a night at a romantic castle in Ohio? We had over a hundred people respond telling us what they would like. I have sifted through the stories we did over the last forty years and came up with a visit we made in the 1990’s to Ravenwood Castle in the Hocking Hills, southeast of Columbus. While it does not answer every dream you had, it comes pretty close. It is secluded, It was built as a castle. It has modern amenities, like whirlpool tubs and fireplaces. It’s located near one of Ohio’s most popular tourist destinations, the Hocking Hills. It has new owners now and they have made many improvements to the original castle, including a village of quaint cottages on the castle grounds that offer many amenities. If you like what you see in my story, go to the Ravenwood website for today’s pricing and some photos of the new attractions. Just go to www.ravenwoodcastle.com

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