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A Trip To Cedar Point

Our Classic One Tank Trip this week goes back to 1995 when we visited Cedar Point on Sandusky Bay to celebrate their 125th Anniversary. A lot of the attractions have changed since that visit 22 years ago, but I think its worth a look for all the historical video that was included like the swing ride that used to be right in the lake.
Cedar Point, as you probably know is still going strong and you still have a few weeks to visit before the summer ends and make your own memories.

Some Family Things To Do In Toledo, Ohio

It’s the weekend and you want a short One Tank Trip with something to do. How about heading west to Toledo, Ohio?
We have a couple of suggestions to get acquainted with this town at the western end of Lake Erie. There is a cruise boat built to look like the canal boats that used to connect Lake Erie with the Ohio River. It’s called the “Sandpiper” and has been giving cruises of the Toledo waterfront for over three decades. There is also the Toledo Fire Museum which is operated by members of the Toledo Fire Department. It’s not only educational, but a lot of fun for kids. Even big kids who still fantasize about being a firemen.
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Americas Oldest Peanut Butter Company Is A Buckeye

If you dont have Arachibutyrophobia, then you will love this weeks Classic One Tank Trip.

Arachibutyrophobia is the scientific name of the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

Americas oldest peanut butter company lives in Columbus Ohio, The Krema Nut Company. The factory has a store that sells all the products they make, include nuts and candy and believe it or not they will make you a peanut butter and jelly milkshake.

Krema Peanut Butter a fun trip and a tasty one too.

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Sleep Aboard a Railroad Car

If you have someone who loves trains in your family we have a great suggestion this week. You can always find many things to do in Amish Country and for the train lover there is a motel still in operation that features rooms on board real railroad cars and caboooses. Our visit was several years ago and the motel has changed ownership, but we understand the railcar rooms are still there. It’s a great place for a One Tank Trip.
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Riding a Duck in Pittsburgh

There are many ways to look around Pittsburgh, Pa. From the incline railway up Mount Washington to one of my favorites, taking a tour on a WWII vintage amphibious vehicle known as a “Duck” or DUKW (Governmentese for Amphibeous utility vehicle) We took this fun journey through the streets and into the Ohio River in the early 2000’s but the ride is still going on and it is one of my favorite ways to see Pittsburgh.
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Medieval Times Comes To Northeast Ohio

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace has come again to Northeast Ohio, Saturdays and Sundays, July 8th through to August 13th, 2017.

Its your chance to go back in time and play like the Knights and Ladies of old. Each year is different, and you might want to check their website for what is on the program this year. Enjoy our visit in 2003 when I spent the afternoon as a disreputable friar. They have moved their location to Rock Creek, OH

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A Really Unusual Surplus Store

OK, here is a confession. I love surplus stores. All kinds of surplus stores and on this week’s Classic One Tank Trip, we take you back to the early 2000’s when we discovered this cross between a modernistic art gallery and industrial surplus store in Youngstown, Ohio. It was worth the trip to stroll through the aisles inside to find the weird and wonderful castoffs that could be reborn as whatever a mind could imagine. Also if you check some of our older stories you will find some other Youngstown attractions that prove that the “rustbelt” image that Youngstown is often unfairly branded with, is not true. Check out Their Metropark (The oldest in Ohio) and don’t forget, this was the birthplace of Handel’s Ice Cream. One of my favorites.

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