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While we don’t have the dramatic waterfalls of say Niagara, Ohio does have some picturesque falls that, depending on the time of the year, can make for some real scenic beauty, if not some impressive falls.

For example, one of the more accessible waterfalls in northeast Ohio is Paine Falls, part of the Lake County Metroparks system. The falls have three levels and in the spring, after a winter thaw, the water pouring over these falls can be impressive. But, even in the autumn of the year, when there has been little rain and the falls has been reduced to a trickle, the rock formations are worth the visit. The falls are part of a 370 acre park that offers picnic tables and some great views.

In Lorain County, after a heavy rain the West Falls of the Black River in Elyria comes roaring to life as it plunges over the rocks near Cascade Park in the downtown area. At 35 feet in height, this is considered one of the bigger waterfalls in the entire Lake Erie watershed. There is an observation deck making it easy to see the falls at almost any time of year.

Perhaps the most scenic and accessible falls is in the beautiful town of Chagrin Falls. The Chagrin River flows through the downtown and drops 20 feet at the falls creating a picture postcard view for visitors. You can easily see the falls from the Main Street Bridge and there is a wooden stairway beside the river that allows you to climb from the upper level of the falls to the river below.

In Youngstown you can find Lantermans Falls. It is part of the Mill Creek Metro Parks, which was founded in 1891 making it one of the largest and oldest metro park systems in Ohio. The falls, created by a fifteen foot drop in Mill Creek is still harnessed for use by Lantermans Grist Mill, which is now operated as a tourist attraction by the park. .

Be sure to bring your camera. Spring is usually the best time to see any of these and other Ohio waterfalls at their best scenic beauty.

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February A Time For Love

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Did you realize that there are several special days this month concerning love?

There is National “Shower With A friend Day” on February 5th. And, presumably, if you observe that special day and find a friend to shower with, then you don’t want to forget February 7th, which is “National Send A Card to a Friend” day.

If you find a friend willing to shower with you, then they probably deserve a card.

Of course the big day in February is Valentine’s Day on February 14th and in Ohio you might want to take your special someone out to dinner in Loveland, Ohio.

Loveland is a real place, a suburb of Cincinnati and the Chamber of Commerce there does a big business each year re-sending your Valentine’s so they are postmarked from Loveland.

It’s a pretty little town and would make a very romantic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day or even “Shower with a friend” Day in February and best of all, it’s just a One Tank Trip.

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February, A Presidential month

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While President’s Day is celebrated in February, it began back in 1885 when the government decided to set aside February 22nd, the birthday of our first president, George Washington, as a federal holiday. Then Abraham Lincoln’s birthday of February 12th, was added to the calendar.

But in 1971 the government trying to consolidate some holidays declared that all Presidents would be honored on the third Monday in February each year and that instead of Washington’s or Lincoln’s Birthday, it would just simply be called “President’s Day”

Ohio, of course, is rich in Presidential sites, graves and homes so it is relatively easy to celebrate President’s Day with a One Tank Trip to a Presidential location..

In northern Ohio you can visit the home, museum, library and gravesite of Rutherford B. Hayes, our 19th President at the Hayes Presidential site in Fremont, Ohio.

In Mentor you can find Lawnfield, the home of James A. Garfield, our 20th President, who is buried in Lakeside Cemetery in Cleveland.

In Marion, Ohio you will find the tomb and home of Warren G. Harding our 29th President.

There are over a half-dozen other presidential sites around the Buckeye State.

In Ohio you can really celebrate President’s Day on a One Tank Trip.

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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

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It’s the month of March and time for “the wearin’ of the green” to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you do not have a drop of Irish heritage it is hard to ignore the festivities, the parades, the parties and the music this month.

At just about every event you will probably hear someone burst into a chorus of “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.” It has become a sort-of unofficial anthem for Ireland, the day and the people.

It was a Cleveland song-writer, Ernest R. Ball who wrote “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” way back in the early part of the 20th Century. And after listening to the words of the sentimental ballad you might think Ball must have had to been born and bred in Ireland. But, he was born in Cleveland and he wrote the song for a musical play. It has gone on to sell millions of copies of the song. In fact Hollywood even made a movie about the song and Ball’s life in 1944.

Sadly, he only lived 49 years and he never in his life even visited Ireland.

Ball is buried in Lakeview Cemetery with many other famous Clevelanders. It’s just a One Tank Trip away.

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The Little Park That Could

When Summertime comes there’s a place in southeast Ohio that always reminds me of what small town America used to be.

I speak of Tuscora Park in New Philadelphia in Tuscarawas County. Tuscora Park looks like those parks you would see in the movies. Green grass, a pond, and a carousel.

But, like they say on television, wait. There’s more. Tuscora Park also has a Ferris Wheel and six other rides just for kids. There are three swimming pools, batting cages and picnic shelters. And, listen to this, admission to the park is free.

You pay just for the rides or activities that your participate in.

The carousel is unique in that they claim you get the longest carousel ride in Ohio. In fact one happy youngster told me, “You ride until you hurl.”

The ride does go a long time.

Add a cotton candy concession, hot dogs and a sunny day. What else could you ask for.

New Philadelphia is just a One Tank Trip.

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When The Buzzards Come Back To Hinckley

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March is the time that the buzzards come back to Hinckley, Ohio in Medina County.

It has become an event with hundreds of people crowding the field where the big, ugly birds traditionally reappear each spring. There are pancake breakfasts and lunches sponsored by local backers and it sometimes is better than Halloween to see some of the costumes that buzzard-watchers wear.

Ohio is not just for buzzards. Lots of birds return to, or at least fly threw OHio in the spring. In fact, a national survey says that nearly fifty million people admit to birdwatching as a pastime.

One of the best spots to see birds is on the shore of Lake Erie. Starting in the spring and throughout most of the year the marshes, fields and forests on the edge of the lake attract a multitude of our feathered friends.

Two spots I would recommend: The Mentor Marsh area in northeast Ohio and the Magee Marsh in Northwest Ohio near Toledo. Both places are high on birdwatchers favorite location to see some of the rare warblers.

Best of all it’s just a One Tank Trip to where the birds fly.

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The bird-killing murals of Ohio

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Many towns in Ohio have created huge, larger-than-life murals on the sides of buildings to create a tourist attraction for their community.

In northwest Ohio, the town of Bucyrus has created a mural in their downtown area that depicts a downtown scene with an arch between two buildings. It is so lifelike that birds have been known to fly into the side of the building, thinking the blue skies and puffy clouds painted on the wall are real.

Bucyrus also had mural-artist Eric Grohe do another mural on the side of a building as a tribute to the town’s veterans. From a distance it’s a striking portrait of lady liberty holding a fallen soldier, but when you get up close you can see hundreds of portraits of veterans and even a dog painted into the mural.

Since Bucyrus is on the route of the old Lincoln Highway, America’s first coast-to-coast highway this makes just one more thing to see and do on a One Tank Trip.

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Ohio’s Oldest First Summer Resort

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Geneva-on-the-Lake in the northeast tip of Ohio, holds the distinction of being Ohio’s first lakefront resort.

Veterans of the Civil war in the 1800’s were looking for a place near the water for reunions,fishing and a place they could relax with their families

They originally called it Sturgeon Point, because of all the huge fish that were pulled from the water, but it later was changed to the now-familiar Geneva-on-the-Lake.

The tiny resort town also holds the distinction of having the oldest continuously operating miniature golf course in the United States. Allison’s Mini Golf has been in constant operation since 1924.

You can see one of the famous Lake Erie sunsets from the top of a Ferris Wheel at the Firehouse Winery located on a bluff overlooking the lake. They also are home to one of the two Lakefront Lodges operated by the Ohio State Parks.

Best of all, Geneva-on-the-Lake is just a One Tank Trip Away.

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Saps Rising

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It’s that time of year when the sap is rising.

The sap I’m talking about is that watery liquid that seeps from maple trees when the weather is the just-right combination of freezing nights and warm spring days.

The sap is collected and turned into liquid gold, maple syrup. It looks like gold and the cost, this year about 60 dollars a gallon makes it very special on the dining table.

Geauga County is a great spot for a One Tank Trip this time of year. At the Geauga Park System you can even take part in the gathering and the boiling of the sap into maple syrup.

On two different weekends in March, weather permitting the park system hooks up some work horses to a wagon containing a large sap barrell and visitors can troop through the woods following the horse and wagon and the workers as they stop tree by tree to empty buckets of sap collected by drilling into the trees days earlier.

The sap is then hauled to a “sugarhouse” where it is dumped into a reservoir over a wood-fire and boiled for hours until it condenses into delicious, golden maple syrup.

It’s a great way to get some exercise in the winter as well as learn about one of the wonders of nature.

The Swine Creek Reservation of the Geauga Parks is located near Middlefield, Ohio and best of all it’s just a One Tank Trip.

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Remember bumper stickers. For many years there was one that said “Visit the mysterious Blue Hole, Castalia, Ohio”

The Blue Hole was just that, a hole in the ground filled with cold, crystal clear water that came from an underground river. Since the water came from an underground source there were no organisms and living things, like fish. In fact the water had to be run through a mill wheel in order to aerate it, making it safe to use in a nearby fish hatchery where they grew trout.

Sadly the attraction closed many years ago when attendance dropped and new laws required costly improvements to the property.

But just literally, around the corner, the state of Ohio opened a new fish hatchery and while cleaning out the property discovered another Blue Hole that they too use for a water source for the hatchery.

The new Blue Hole, also located at the ODNR Fish Hatchery in Castalia, is open to the public and best of all, admission is free.

It’s there waiting to be discovered by a new generation and best of all, it’s just a One Tank Trip.

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I like to find free things to do on a One Tank Trip. Problem is nothing is absolutely free. You will have to pay for the gasoline to get you there and back. Unless you bring along a picnic lunch you will probably have to spend some money on food sometime during the trip. Then there are the unexpected costs for toll roads, parking lots, and other possible miscellaneous costs like tips, animal food, and the ice cream cone that called to you as you drove by the ice cream store.

So, when I tell you about a “free” trip please bear in mind what I have just said.

One of the best sources of free destinations in Ohio are the county park systems. Most have no admission cost and there are many free things to do for you and members of your family.

For example: The Lake County Metro Parks hosts a steam engine club. These are people whose hobby is building tiny steam-powered railroad locomotives that are big enough to actually pull small passenger cars and,because the park gives them a place to meet and lay out their train track through part of the forest, they give back by offering free rides to visitors to the park on selected day. Check Lake County Metroparks for their schedule.

Many museums in large and small cities in the state have free admission, at least on certain days of the week. Always check their websites before going to see if they might offer free or cheaper admission on certain days of the week.

My favorite “free” attraction in the entire state is the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton. This incredible museum that houses several Presidential Aircraft as well as planes from every era since the dawn of aviation, is open seven days a week and charges no admission to the museum.

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