Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Just outside of Detroit, Michigan, is Farmington Hills. It is home to one of my favorite Michigan attractions, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum. It is one man’s life-long collection of mechanical amusement games and, well, just strange things. Things like a copy of P. T. Barnum’s Cardiff Giant. A giant hoax from the 19th century. There is even a copy of the Sing Sing Prison electric chair. But the main emphasis is on games. electronic and mechanical for early in the twentieth century right up to the present time. Did I mention model planes? The ceilings and walls are filled with them. Every size and shape. And here is the best part about the games. They all work and you can play with and on them. Here you can show the kids what their parents and grandparents did for amusement when they were young.
We last visited Marvin’s Museum in the early 2000’s, but they are still there, still open seven days a week and still entertaining families. It’s this week’s Classic One Tank Trip.

Kewpee Hamburgers. Before The Golden Arches There Was Kewpee Burgers

Long before the McDonald Brothers served their first hamburger Ohioans in Lima were lining up for Keewpee Burgers. In fact, they still are. It was over 25 years ago we paid a visit to the iconic hamburger stand in downtown Lima and it’s still there, as are the other attractions we visited that day. An rare park for the visually challenged and a huge plastic company that still sells just about everything made of plastic. It’s a great Classic One Tank Trip. Don’t forget, with Spring it’s time to think about places to go this year and what better thing to have in your car than a copy of my new book, “The Best of One Tank Trips”. You can get it in most book stores or order it here on this page.

Cliff Climbing In Ohio And, A Really Good Ice Cream Place

Young’s Jersey Dairy is a landmark down in Yellow Springs, Ohio, near Dayton. It offers one of the last farm dairies in Ohio where the cows are house in a barn next door. In fact you can even go pet some of the animals. Nearby is Antioch College and the quaint village of Yellow Springs. This is also home to the Clifton Mill. One of the largest operating grist mills in the country. Although we took the trip over 20 years ago, we recently revisited and it is even more interesting and beautiful today. It’s a great classic One Tank Trip.

An Old South Plantation, Just A One Tank Trip From Cleveland

It’s probably hard to believe but the state of Virginia used to be just across the river from Marietta, Ohio. When the American Civil War was raging a portion of Virginia decided to leave the Confederacy and created the new Union-controlled state of West Virginia. It included a large slave-owning plantation owned by the Henderson Family. The Henderson’s were friends with several of the early US Presidents. One of their members was Archibald Henderson who became Commandant of the US Marine Corps and for whom Henderson Hall, The Marine Barracks in Washington DC is named. Amazingly the plantation remained in the Henderson Family until the 21st Century when it was handed over to a historic group that now manages the property. If you love history this house is filled with American artifacts and stories. and is well worth a trip. It’s just across the river.

A Classic One Tank Trip Above The Clouds

This week we go back over twenty five years to a trip we took to Chatanooga, Tennessee. It was part of a series of One Tank Trips that we took all the way to Florida, showing viewers what we found along the way. Surprisingly, in 2017 many of the places we visited on that trip are still there. Prices change, but Lookout Mountain, where you can go above the clouds on America’s steepest incline railway, is still a major attraction. As is the hotel where the original Chatanooga Choo Choo can be seen and you can even spend the night sleeping in a real train car. It was one of my favorite trips back in the day and you can join me for the memories it offers by just clicking on the picture above.

By the way, I have had inquiries about my book, “The Best of One Tank Trips” that is available in book stores and on line here on this page.

The Studebaker. May be gone, but never forgotten

The Studebaker was a fixture on American highways for many years. It’s gone now, but still fondly remembered at a museum in the town where it was once built, South Bend, Indiana. We visited the museum in the mid 90’s and learned that while the car may have driven into history, the company went on. It’s this week’s Classic One Tank Trip.