A Really Unusual Surplus Store

OK, here is a confession. I love surplus stores. All kinds of surplus stores and on this week’s Classic One Tank Trip, we take you back to the early 2000’s when we discovered this cross between a modernistic art gallery and industrial surplus store in Youngstown, Ohio. It was worth the trip to stroll through the aisles inside to find the weird and wonderful castoffs that could be reborn as whatever a mind could imagine. Also if you check some of our older stories you will find some other Youngstown attractions that prove that the “rustbelt” image that Youngstown is often unfairly branded with, is not true. Check out Their Metropark (The oldest in Ohio) and don’t forget, this was the birthplace of Handel’s Ice Cream. One of my favorites.

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A One Tank Trip Through NE Ohio Wine Country

Although our recording is a bit ragged at the start and finish, this was a One Tank Trip we took in the late 1990’s to visit some of the great wineries found in NE Ohio. Since this story originally aired many more wonderful wineries have opened all over the state and Ohio is well on it’s way back to the prominence it enjoyed with wine lovers in the early 1800’s. You can read the story of the early wineries in my book, “Strange Tales From Ohio.”

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Seven Miles Of Beaches On Lake Erie

Our Classic One Tank Trip this week goes back about twenty-five years. We took a trip to Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania and also visited Oliver Hazard Perry’s Flagship, “The Niagara), which since this story was done has sailed across the Great Lakes and many other ports. Erie is still the Niagara’s home port. Presque Isle is still one of the best stretch of beaches on all of Lake Erie and this is still a great One Tank Trip. The outlet store, sadly, has gone out of business.
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The American Rolls Royce

The Packard Automobile may be just a page in automotive history today, but the effect the Packard Brothers had on Warren, Ohio, lives on in many ways. from the famed music hall bearing the Packard name to the Packard Auto Museum where you can see some of the greatest cars ever built by the auto builder to the many other contributions the company has made. It has been a score of years since we made this visit but I am happy to report the museum is still there and going strong. It is even bigger and better than it was when we first visited.

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The Grand Canyon Of The East

This week’s Classic One Tank Trip heads to western New York State and the “Grand Canyon of the east.” Letchworth State Park covers 14 thousand acres along the Genesee River and has waterfalls, cool forests, high cliffs and a beautiful inn with a wonderland view. It’s one of the best kept secrets in New York State and a great getaway. We originally did this story in the 1990’s but we recently updated the story and found it even more beautiful in the 21st century. The other part of the story about a motel made up of railroad cabooses may be out of business. We have tried several times to contact them for an update and failed to reach them.

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Memorial Day, Where It Started

The first, somber holiday of the summer begins next weekend. Memorial Day. 25 years ago I took a One Tank Trip to our nation’s capitol to show the sights to my then 10 year old son, Craig. Our videographer was Bob Wilkinson. On the way we stopped at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was this horrible battle in the Civil War that contributed greatly to the day we now mark as “Memorial Day”. A day that sometimes gets lost in the picnics and parties that now seem to be the norm for this most somber of holidays. Join us this week for another Classic One Tank Trip as we revisit the place where Abraham Lincoln made his immortal speech, The Gettysburg Address.

Ride the mighty Mystic Belle down the Vermilion River

The mighty Mystic Belle is a fixture on the downtown Vermilion waterfront. The dimutive vessel that resembles a toy paddlewheel boat can carry more than a dozen people and, if the river is not too high, it can slip under the bridge and even go for a distance upriver to the south. But in either case you get a really good way to see the beautiful homes in the Vermilion Lagoons and hear stories about the people who have lived and worked the river. We took this ride many years ago and Don Parsons now owns and operates the tiny cruise boat but I am happy to report the stories are still great and the ride, on a warm spring day can’t be beat.

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