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  1. Dear Neil,

    Not only did we buy the “Superhost” Freeway, we bought one of the first ones made and drove to Burnsville MN in our ’67 Mustang to pick it up. It was a holiday week-end and we really slowed traffic between Burnsville and South Amherst. The car drew a crowd at each rest stop, and we finally put all the info (FAQ) on the windshield! Unfortunately, the vehicle was ahead of its time and the company went out of business. Yes, indeed, I do “remember when”!
    Thanks, Neil

  2. It was our pleasure to dine with you & Bonnie Wednesday evening. We were nervous about where to sit and we found two open seats at a table. It was our plesant surprice that we were dining with the guest speak. As the evening evolved we had the pleasure of hearing about Bonnie’s part in the Bras for a Cause. What a fun time. Thank you

  3. Hello Neil,
    It’s great to hear that you have stopped in here at The Berlin Hickory Smokehouse. I could only wish it had been a few months later than it was. Our first couple of months were a little rough, however I believe we have worked out most of the kinks and come a long way since then. I do hope that you will stop in again sometime so we can show you what we are truly about. I appreciate the comments as we all know you can’t fix it if you do not know it is broken. We all work very hard every day to provide excellent service with our extraordinary food, and I hope to see you again soon.
    Thank you!!

  4. Neil
    Thanks for all the great stories and photo’s. It is so much fun to check out you site and see what new things you have highlited. It is a great reminder of places I want to go back to, and places I still want to go to.

    1. Joyce,
      Thank you for asking. I retired from Fox 8TV in 2004 and have been doing free-lance travel writing since then. First for the Ohio Motorist Magazine and for the last year a monthly colummn in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on the last Saturday of each month. I also have written one new travel book, “Ohio Road Trips” and my memoir, “Tales from the road” will be published on June 1st.
      The books are available at any major book store or through or from my publisher. Just follow the link on the advertisement for the book on this website.


  5. Hi Mr. Zurcher,

    Have you heard of End of the Commons General Store in north east Ohio? We just recently came upon this unique stop and it is a wonderful surprise! It is in fact an old fashioned general store just the way I remember it when I was young in the 1940’s. They have added a cafe recently and expanded their retail selection. Its a terrific little stop and only 40 minutes from Lakewood, where I live. Also, there is a gigantic wooden horse and buggy in the town too that may be of interest to you.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, however on January 12 of 2009 we visited the End of Commons General Store as well as the giant horse sculpture in Mesopotamia. You can see the story in our archives.

  6. It is good to know that Neil Zurcher is still out there finding and writing about interesting people and places. His creativity as a writer is a great benefit to all of us who enjoy adventurous travel …. thanks, Neil!!!!

  7. Can you recommend a nice place for me to get away by myself from my male family members. I need some ME time..I live in the East side of Cleveland area.

    1. That’s a pretty hard thing to do since I don’t know you or what you like to do. I would suggest, off the top of my head, perhaps the Hocking Hills area of Ohio where you can rent a modern log cabin with hot tub, there are trails to walk, beautiful scenery, waterfalls and some of the cabins even offer a massage service. You might also try some fancy hotel downtown Cleveland or Columbus and enjoy some nightlife. My other suggestion would be order a copy of one of my books and thumb through hundreds of One Tank Trips and you are sure to find something that will appeal to you. Good luck,

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