We’re Almost There…A Brand New Blog Look.

The Fox 8 Crew and Me arriving at Jungle Jim's International Market
The Fox 8 Crew and Me arriving at Jungle Jim’s International Market

We are still working on our One Tank Trips Blog trying to give you the best of the trips we take each month along with some behind the scenes information and photos. If you have been following me on Facebook be sure you “like” our One Tank Trips page since I will be moving all reference to my travels to that page and the “Neil Zurcher” Facebook page will be just routine exchanges between myself, family and a few close friends.

To test out our new settings here is a sample of what you will see on the blog: The video below is a segment we did on New Day Cleveland on Fox 8TV last November. It tells the story of Jim “Jungle Jim” Bonaminio and his newest giant food market in Clermont County, near Cincinnati.

Jim is a northern Ohio native. He was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio and began seling produce out of the back of his old truck back in the 1960’s> He went to college at Miami U in Southern Ohio near Cincinatti and to help pay for his education he bought some property, built a garage and started a roadside produce stand that over the years expanded into the huge Jungle Jim’s International Marektplace in Fairfield, Ohio. This past year he opened his second store in Clermont County and I had the opportunity to be given a personal tour of the new place by Jungle Jim himself.

By the way Jim’s Family still has roots in Lorain. His mother, Marie Bonaminio operates a florist business there and is active in the local community.

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