Best Amusement Park Ride in the World


If you are looking for an inexpensive way to go to an amusement park this summer you will certainly want to travel to Erie, Pennsylvania and visit the Waldameer Amusement Park.  Parking is free.  There is no admission charge to the park.  You pay only for the rides you ride, or you can buy a day-long pass.  They also boast one of the best roller-coaster rides in the world.

Here is an excerpt from my column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Saturday, June 13th:

Each summer I am frequently asked what is my favorite amusement park?  I have several.  Ohio has two major theme-parks, Cedar Point in Sandusky and Kings Island near Cincinnati.  But for an old-fashioned “mom and pop” amusement park, with bargain prices, it is hard to beat Waldameer in nearby Erie, Pennsylvania

 Erie, of course, is just a short drive east of Cleveland on Interstate 90.  Waldameer is German for woods by the sea.  The park is located right at the entrance to another great Pennsylvania attraction, Presque Isle State Park, a peninsula that juts seven miles into Lake Erie.

 Waldameer Amusement Park has been around for 113 years.  It originally was one of the many so-called “trolley parks”; amusement and picnic areas that could be reached from a nearby community by trolley.  Once there were hundreds of such parks across America. Now, Waldameer is the fourth oldest park in the nation still operating.

.The park is compact and beautifully landscaped.  It is located right next to Water World, a water park, which the amusement park also operates.

  Last year Waldameer’s management finished construction and opened a new steel and wood roller coaster, Ravine Flyer II, that stretches over three thousand feet and has two thrilling, high-speed 90-degree banks.  It is perhaps the only roller coaster in America that shoots its riders across an arched bridge over a four-lane state highway and back in just seconds.  When it opened in 2008 an amusement park trade group honored the new coaster as the best new ride in the world…………..

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