On the way to Warren we stopped in the tiny farming community of Mesopotamia in western Trumbull County, home to the second-largest Amish population in Ohio. What caught our eye was a brand new attraction, a larger-than-life wooden sculpture at the end of the commons in the small town.

The Schaden Family that operates the local general store commissioned the sculpture and bills it as “The world’s largest horse and buggy”. It towers fourteen feet in the air and is constructed of 2 thousand-three hundred board feet of lumber. It depicts a huge Amish buggy being drawn by a horse that is made up of seasoned 2 x 4’s. Over thirty pounds of wood screws hold the structure together. The horse is nearly 29 hands tall. That is a very big horse! Be sure to bring along your camera.

By the way the Schaden’s End of the Commons General Store also holds the distinction of being Ohio’s oldest general store. It’s been in operation since 1840 and still sells many of the items the store offered 100 to 150 years ago. Things like bulk flour and penny candy. It’s a combination of a modern-day convenience store with milk and bread, combined with an antique specialty shop. They sell Ohio Amish-made cheese, as well as items you don’t usually find in most stores today. Things like ginger beer, Grandma’s Lye Soap, Horehound drops and jawbreakers. There is a player piano that keeps tourists entertained as well as a pot-belly stove in the entrance that looks like it has been there since the store first opened.

End Of The Commons General Store and Worlds Largest Horse and Buggy, 8719 State Route 534, Mesopotamia, Ohio 44439, 440-693-4295 ,