Remember When?

One Tank Trip in Isetta to Firelands Military Museum, Milan, Ohio
One Tank Trip in Isetta to Firelands Military Museum, Milan, Ohio

We are moving our “Remember When” segment to the front page by popular request.

This week’s picture is at the Firelands Military Museum in  Milan before Homeland Security shut down their actually driving the tanks and  helicopters for demonstration purposes.  This picture shows  the 1957 BMW Isetta that we drove in the One Tank Trips TV series nose to nose with a Korean War vintage tank driven by Dr. Tom Rench of Akron.

5 thoughts on “Remember When?”

  1. What’s so funny about this picture is that it’s a little hard to tell which is the nose of your car. Either end could be a snub nose.

    I’m really sad about the closing of the historic Inn. It’s a sign of the times. I am hearing from so many people that they are having to lay off employees and make other cuts because the banks are refusing the regular lines of credit the owners have been operating with for decades.

  2. I remember the this photo very well!! You were also taking photo’s as you sat in the open side of Dick’s
    helecopter while it circled the area.
    There was a demonstration of a flame thrower that day.
    The flame thrower brought back some bad memories of days in the South Pacific. It was a fearsome weapon,
    but probably saved many U.S.Marine lives.

  3. Hi I was in this episode is there a way to get a copy of it. I was the co-pilot in the Helicopter. This was a great museum and we had a great crew of people and had lots of fun.

    1. Hi Brian, Nice to hear from you. Sorry, but the original tape of this story was lost several years ago and all that is left are a few still pictures. I searched to see if I had one of the helicopter that I could share with you, but no luck. I also checked with Ali Ghanbari, the photographer who worked with me that day, and he also does not have a copy.

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