An Ohio Road Trip To Fantasyland


“..Everyone must have a fantasy.”

…Andy Warhol


If what the pop-art painter Andy Warhol said is true it may account for the popularity of a motel complex in a Cincinnati suburb located in northern Kentucky.


If you fantasize about sleeping in a classic car at a drive-in movie or spending the night in the darkness of a cave you can do it here.  To top it off you can do it in heated and air-conditioned comfort.


The Wildwood Inn, Tropical Dome and Theme Suites in Florence, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati offers fantasy rooms to both romantics as well as families with children. 


They have a total of 28 themed rooms.  You can spend the night in a Venetian Gondola, or sleep in the middle of an auto-racing track.  Another room puts you at the foot of the Statue of Liberty.  The Happy Days Suite lets you bed down in a real 1959 Cadillac convertible. There is the Country Suite where a beat-up Ford pick-up truck is the bed. Whatever your fantasy, they probably have a suite to match.



You can read the whole story in the April 4th edition of the Plain Dealer or on line at their web site


The Wildwood Inn can be found at 7809 US Route 42, Florence, Kentucky,  800-758-2335  or you can visit them on the web at


Live your fantasy.  It’s just an Ohio Road Trip away.



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