The Carp Come Back To Marietta

Feeding the Carp at Marietta in the Spring
Feeding the Carp at Marietta in the Spring
Its Spring and the Carp have come back to Marietta, Ohio.  OK, so they never really left, just burrowed down in the mud of the Muskingum River, but it makes a good story.
A few years ago an official of the Ohio River Museum, which owns a huge paddle-wheeler, the Snyder, happened to notice the large carp would gather by the gangway anytime someone was aboard.   They would throw stale bread into the river and watch the carp compete for it.  One day an attendant on the boat found a baby bottle a visitor had left behind.  With nothing to do he reached down to the river and scooped up some river water.  Stuffed some stale bread in the bottle, shook it up and placed the nipple back on the bottle.  Then, on a whim, he held the bottle, nipple-down a few inches above the water and, much to his amazement and amusement, the carp began to feed on the bottle.  A new tourist attraction was born.  We stopped by to do a story about the carp feeding for my book, “Ohio Oddities” (published by Gray & Co., Cleveland) and the picture you see is of two of our staff from Fox 8 TV in Cleveland, Lisa March and Tomi Toyama-Ambrose, feeding the fish.  Lisa even went so far as to try putting the bread between the toes on her feet and offering them to the fish.  But she only tried it once.

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    1. The spot to feed the carp is under the Washington Street Bridge and, usually, aboard the Roger Snyder Sternwheel Museum Ship. The carp return every year about this time April-May and are there throughout the summer.

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