Its Ice Cream Time!

"Kitchen Sink" Sundae at Elm Dairy in Medina
"Kitchen Sink" Sundae at Elm Dairy in Medina
A "single-dip" at Tofts Dairy in Sandusky
A "single-dip" at Tofts Dairy in Sandusky

Here are some excerpts from stories I did last year for the Plain Dealer.

 Just about everyone loves ice cream.  Especially the old fashioned dairy parlors where they scoop one dip after another onto a cone.  Places like Toft Dairy in Sandusky where the unsuspecting customer orders a “single” and watches in amazement as the server piles one huge dip on top of another until it looks like the cone will tip over from sheer size.  The huge servings have been a tradition at Tofts for over sixty years.

You can find Toft’s Dairy Plant and ice cream parlor at 3717 Venice Road (Route 6) in Sandusky or visit them at

 Medina is home to a museum that tells the story of America’s small town dairies which also contains a wonderful ice cream parlor where you and the family can experience perhaps our country’s largest ice cream sundae.

 America’s Ice Cream and Dairy Museum at Elm Farms Dairy has two special sundaes on the menu of their ice cream parlor.  The “Kitchen Sink” is their must-see concoction.   First the price:  It costs 49 dollars!  But listen to what you get: 21 dips of your favorite flavors of premium, 14 percent butterfat, ice cream. Then they drizzle as many flavors of syrup as you like over the mound of ice cream which is then topped with an entire can of whipped cream and sprinkles.   Finally it’s capped with several Maraschino Cherries.  And here is the fun part:  It’s constructed and served in a real stainless-steel kitchen sink that has been converted into a giant sundae dish. 

 For birthdays and other special occasions they will add a layer of chocolate brownies to the sundae.

 Owner Sherry Abell says they average about one order for the “Kitchen Sink” each month and it is usually for a children’s birthday party. The sundae will feed a dozen or more people.  They supply spoons and dishes to go with the giant sundae. 

  But say you don’t have a party.  You just want a big sundae to eat all by yourself.  The ice cream parlor’s other specialty is called the “Gut-Buster Sundae” and it contains ten dips of ice cream and Sherry Abell says so far, no single customer has been able to eat the whole thing.

 The museum grew out of Sherry’s husband, Carl Abell’s, collection of dairy memorabilia.  That includes equipment from his early years at Elm Dairy, but also from collectors all over the world.  It has grown to thousands of items and fills 8 thousand square feet of the old dairy buildings.  In the collection you will find early soda fountains, bottling equipment and even early milk delivery trucks that were specially designed to allow the milkman to stand on the running board and operate the truck as he hopped off and on making his deliveries to homes.

 America’s Ice Cream & Dairy Museum at Elm Farm Dairy, 1050 Lafayette Road (SR 42), Medina, Ohio 44256, 330-722-3839,


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