A One Tank Trip to Lucy Land

If you are a “I Love Lucy” fan…and who isn’t? You certainly want to take a trip to Lucy’s hometown in nearby Jamestown, New York. The community near the southern tip of Lake Chatauqua was where the famous redhead grew up. (In fact, at her families request a few years ago, her remains were dug up and transferred from the Hollywood Cemetery where she was interred when she died and brought back to Jamestown.) Everything you ever wanted to know about Lucy, and her first husband, Desi, can be found here. The downtown museum in their honor has many of their costumes, clips from TV shows, they even used to offer small vials of the Henna that Lucy used to create her famous hair color in their gift shop. (Lucy had apparently bought a large quantity before she died). One of the best attractions in town is the replica of the Ricardo’s Living room just as it was on TV. You can also see the set where Lucy did the famous Vitamin commercial. You can tour the town and see the home where she was born and even visit an amusement park nearby where she learned to rollerskate.

The Lucy and Desi Museum is located at 212 Pine Street in Jamestown, New York,   716-484-0800  or visit their website at www.lucy-desi.com



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