In Case You Are Wondering…

For those of you who were searching the Plain Dealer Saturday, January 9th for my Ohio Road Trip column.  Because of budget restrictions the PD has now decided to run my Ohio Road Trips only once each month rather than the twice monthly columns that have appeared for the past year.  They tell me the now monthly column will appear the last Saturday of each month.  The January column should be published on Saturday, January 30th.

 We are replacing the usual capsule about the Plain Dealer article with some stories about strange One Tank Trips that I took while working for Fox 8 TV.

 Some Big Things About Michigan

 Near downtown Detroit in the community of Allen Park stands the Uniroyal “Big Tire”.  Originally built as a Ferris Wheel for the 1964 World’s Fair, it has served as a twelve-story high advertisement for the tire-maker along I-94.  In 1998 the manufacturer pounded an eleven foot, five-hundred pound specially built nail into the huge tire to prove it’s capabilities of resisting road hazards.  In 2003 a corporate decision was made to remove the nail and it was donated to the town of Allen Park which promptly put it up for sale on Ebay. 

 A Warren, Michigan realator, Ralph Roberts purchased it for three thousand dollars and proceeded to use it for charitable events, taking it around the area on a specially built trailer. 

 One of my other favorite unusual attractions in the Detroit area is the “Big Stove” at the Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit.  Called the “World’s Largest Stove”, it was built for the 1893 Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.  It is made of oak and stands 25 feet high and is thirty feet long.  After the World’s Fair in Chicago it was brought back to Detroit and was a symbol of the stove-making company it was named for, later it was moved to Belle Isle and finally, in 1998 it was refurbished and moved to it’s present location at the fairgrounds in Detroit.

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