The Eggs of Brookfield

If you, and the family, are looking for something to do other than watch TV and play video games during these long winter evening have you ever considered decorative egg making?

 With the Easter season fast approaching a One Tank Trip to the edge of Northeastern Ohio can expose you to some of the fanciest egg decorating you have ever seen and perhaps, give you or someone in your family a new hobby.

 Alcraft  Egg Artistry has been in business in Brookfield, Ohio since 1971.  Here they not only sell decorating items for eggs, but also teach egg carving.  You will find eggs on display that have music boxes inside, that open to tiny fantasy worlds and bring thoughts of the legendary Faberge eggs that were encrusted in jewels and precious stones.

 It would be a good idea to visit their website at

Because although they are located in Brookfield, just a few miles from the Ohio-Pennsylvania border it is a bit difficult to find and the map they provide on the website can take you right to their door.

 Alcraft Egg Artistry is located in Brookfield, Ohio, 330-448-1573.

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