Time for a Goodtime

Since 1958 three generations of one family have provided a unique view of the Cleveland skyline and our historic riverfront.

The Goodtime III,  capable of carrying one thousand passengers, and one of the largest cruise ships on the Great Lakes will be starting its 2010 season on Mother’s Day with a special Mother’s Day cruise.  The weekend runs across the Cleveland Lakefront and up the Cuyahoga River will really get underway on Memorial Day and daily runs commence on June 15th.

The Fryan Family, now in their third generation at the helm of the Goodtime III, began the business in 1958 when brothers Vince and Herb Fryan decided to start a tour boat business with a relatively small boat with a single deck for passengers.  In 1960 business was so good they invested in a larger, three decked boat with the ability to carry several hundred people at one time.  This was capped in 1990 when Capt. Jim Fryan, one of the present owners, invested in a new multi-decked modern boat with the capacity to carry a thousand passengers, making it the biggest tour boat on the Cleveland Lakefront.

Down through the years Captain Bruce Hudec has been the man usually behind the helm of the boat.  Hudec, a licensed clergyman, is one of the few tour boat captains that can also legally perform weddings on board the boat.  He has presided over dozen of marriages over the years.

You can find the Goodtime III docked at Voinovich Park on East Ninth Street.  Their phone number is 216-861-5110 or visit them at their website at http://www.goodtimeiii.com

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