The Biggest Yard Sale in the Country

How about a One Tank Trip to the biggest yard sale in the country.  A bumper-to-bumper extravaganza that runs through some very historic areas of Ohio, from Belmont County on the east to Preble County on the west

June 5th marks the 7th annual US Route 40 Yard Sale, stretching 824 miles across the nation from Baltimore, Maryland to St. Louis, Missouri and passing across the center of Ohio.  The six-state long yard sale is reportedly the longest continuous garage/yard sale in the whole country and is headquartered on US 40 in Dublin, Indiana.

For listings of some of the many places that will participate along the National Highway in Ohio visit their website, or just get in your car on June 5th and start at just about any place along U S Route 40 and begin your search for bargains.  You will find tables of cast-off items in front of homes and businesses along the highway.

It’s also a great way to soak up a little history of the famed highway that once stretched coast to coast.  One of my favorite features are the “S” Bridges that can be found in the Cambridge and Zanesville area that date back to the early days of this country.

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