Enjoying Ohio’s Harvest on a One Tank Trip

We’re taking a One Tank Trip this week to buy some of the fresh produce that fills those roadside farm markets in Ohio this time of year.

There is no better time than now to enjoy food that is locally raised and fresh, I mean really fresh, from the fields. 

From now until the end of October there will be a virtual cornucopia of colors and different kinds of vegetables and fruit available.

Bonnie and I stopped at Grobe’s Farm Market on State Route 113 west of Elyria this past week to get our first sampling of Grobe’s sweet corn.  It was delicious.   Grobe’s just take a hay-wagon and fill it with the foot long ears of corn that has been picked that morning in their surrounding fields.  You get a “baker’s dozen”, thirteen ears for five dollars this year.  They also had fresh cucumbers for pickles, peaches from their orchards and freshly dug potatoes.  Grobe’s is open daily during the picking season.  You can find them on State Route 113, just west of West Ridge Road, west of Elyria.

We also noticed that Berman’s Orchard on the Marblehead Peninsula, which is open nearly year-round has also started picking the peaches the Marblehead area is famous for, as well as some blackberries, raspberries and some early apples.

You can get a list of many more farms that have roadside markets and even places where you can pick-your-own fruit and vegetables at  http://www.pickyourown.org  It’s a national listing, but just click on Ohio and it will take you to a listing that not only shows the address of the farms but also lists many of the things that they sell and when they are ready to harvest.

Enjoy the bounty of summer with a One Tank Trip to a farm market.

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