Cruising Through September

Summer may be coming to its unofficial end but there are still a lot of exciting things to do in the gold, warm days of September.

For example, the Jet Express in Port Clinton.  Their summer rush of quickly carrying passengers in their sleek, catamaran-hulled fleet to the islands is winding down and now they offer more leisurely cruises ranging from a wine-tasting trip to Canada to my personal favorite, the opportunity to see all of the Lake Erie Islands, at least from the water.

The Jet Express is a passengers-only type of ferry boat and that means more attractive enclosed  passenger accommodations and first floor seating for those that don’t like to climb stairs.  There is an open air top deck where you can still get the wind in your face as the ship skips smoothly across the waves

According to Captain Lance Woodworth, the Jet Express Director of Operations, the speed of the jet-powered boats gives them the ability to travel further in a day than many other tour boats.  “You see more and have more time to explore at stops along the way.”

The trips scheduled this September include one on September 17th when they make a high-speed cruise to downtown Windsor, Canada.  The trip by boat takes about two hours and carries you right into downtown Windsor, docking only a couple of blocks from the Windsor Casino.  Passengers will have six hours to test their luck at the casino or explore downtown Windsor before reboarding the Jet Express for the run back to Port Clinton.  Cost of the round-trip will be $65. for adults.  You must be a U. S. Citizen and be carrying a valid U. S. Passport.

….You can read the entire story in the August 28th edition of the Plain Dealer or visit their web site at

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