We’re Back!

Flight 93 Memorial under construction in Shanksville, Pennsylvania

We’re back.  My family decided to take a vacation and among the places we visited was the under-construction memorial to the passengers and crew of Flight 93 that crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania on 9/11/2001.  It is going to be an imposing site covering 22-hundred acres when it is finished.  The main focus is the crash site shown in the picture above where a memorial reminescent of the Vietnam Memorial will be placed  with a interpretive building nearby where National Park Rangers will be on hand to answer visitors questions and explain the significance of the site.  The actual memorial is expected to be finished by the tenth anniversary of the attack next year.

We go back on the book promotion tour this week with a visit to the Westlake Village Retirement Community in Westlake for a speech and book signing on Wednesday, September 1 at 7 PM.

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