41st Annual Holiday Candle Lighting kicks off Christmas Season

Candlelight ceremony in Roscoe Village in 2009


We will be heading for Historic Roscoe Village in Coshocton to be the host of the 41st annual candle lighting ceremony that kicks off the holiday season in this popular tourist attraction.  The big show gets underway Saturday, December 4th  at 6PM outdoors in the center of the restored canal town.

It works this way I will be on a stage and light a candle.  All the lights in downtown go off and the only illumination is my single candle which I then touch to candles being held by visitors surrounding the stage.  They in turn light the candles of others and in moments the light of that single candle becomes a wave of light that sweeps down the street and up the side of the surrounding hill.  It is a moving and imp;ressive sight and a wonderful family activitiy to begin your Christmas Season.

I will be arriving at Roscoe Village at 4 PM to go to the Welcome Center where I will be meeting visitors and signing copies of my new book, “Tales From The Road”

There will be a host of things to see and do at the candle lighting ceremony, including visits by Santa, local choirs and lots of good food.  I hope you will join us.  You can learn more about Roscoe Village at their website, www.roscoevillage.com

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