Mantiques For Men

Just off the Ohio Turnpike southwest of Port Clinton is the tiny town of Elmore.  Population: 1,487.

The main avenue through the quaint town is called Rice Street and it contains among other things, two banks, a couple of restaurants, four antique stores and a place called “Mantiques.”  The motto of the store is, “Almost everything a man could want.”

Mantiques is pretty much like the name implies, antiques for men.

It was the idea of Ernie Scarano A life-long collector who was passing through Elmore one day in 2000 when he saw an abandoned historical building that once housed a hardware.  He bought it, restored the structure and moved in upstairs. He then started wondering what to do with the store space on the first floor.  It coincided with a time in his life that he wanted to start thinning out his collection of all kinds of collectibles and so Mantiques was born.

Opened in 2007 it now fills three rooms with all kinds of unusual antiques that probably appeal more to men than women.  Things like unopened packs of cigarettes from the 1920’ and 30’s; Copies of “Esquire”, a man’s magazine in the 30’s and 40’s that was a forerunner of Playboy and other similar magazines;  Military uniforms and weapons; A signed letter from Samuel Clemons, better known as Mark Twain; and even a pair of unmentionables that, reportedly, once belonged to Adolph Hitler’s girlfriend, Eva Braun.

…….You can read the rest of this story in the Dec 23rd edition of the Plain Dealer or on line at their web site:

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