Auction Day in Middlefield

For over sixty years Monday has been “Auction Day” in Middlefield the Geauga County home of Ohio’s second largest Amish population.

Starting at 9 AM in the winter months auctioneers Leona Cliszka and Chuck Smith start walking up and down the line in the auction barn selling eggs, produce, poultry and sometimes sheep and goats.  It is an open-consignment auction, which means anybody can bring just about anything to the sale to be sold.

“If you can legally have it in your possession we can auction it off.” Says co-owner Tina Mooney, who along with her husband, Tom, has operated the Sale Barn Auctions for the last three years.  “We don’t sell anything pornographic,” Tina adds, “And we can’t sell cars unless they are part of an estate.”

Both Cliszka and Smith are selling things at the same time; the auctioneer’s chants roll over the crowd as they move from lot to lot that is being sold.

You never know what you will find at the auction.  When the eggs, poultry and produce are gone, the auctioneers begin selling household goods and other items brought in that morning to be put on the auction-block. “The strangest thing we have sold, so far, was a mounted Moose head,” says Tina Mooney.

“The auction lasts until the last item has been sold.”, says Tina, “Usually that is around noon in the winter but in the summer, even with three auctioneers working at the same time it often runs until late afternoon.”

…….There is more…you can read the whole story in the February 25 edition of the Plain Dealer or on their website at



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