Watching The Birds Return To Ohio

This week in my monthly Ohio Road Trip in the Plain Dealer we travel to Ottawa County…here’s an excerpt:

It’s that time of year when bird-watchers start flocking to northwest Ohio for the return of hundreds of different kinds of birds that either make Ohio home or are just passing through on their way to Canada.

Magee Marsh, two-thousand-acres spread across the shore of Lake Erie is seventeen miles west of Port Clinton and is operated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife.  It is considered one of the top spots in North America to bird-watch.  It’s located on one of the major north-south migratory paths where millions of birds funnel through each spring and summer and it is a natural resting spot for the birds before they start the long flight over Lake Erie to their destination in Canada.

How popular is birding?  Just ask Mary Warren, Naturalist at the Magee Marsh, “Last year we had 50 thousand visitors from 44 states and five foreign countries.”  She says it usually starts in late March and builds through April and reaches the peak in May as the warblers return.  “There are 37 varieties of warblers; they are tiny birds, very colorful and very fast.”

On your way to, or from a birding expedition along Lake Erie’s shore you can also stop for a really big ice cream cone at Toft’s Dairy in Sandusky. …..You can read the whole story in the March 24th edition of the Plain Dealer or on their

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