One thought on “The Warblers Return to NW Ohio

  1. Dennis Goulden

    Neal: my wife and I were very disappointed to find out that you had left the NATAS event last evening. Earlier you were constantly talking to friends and colleagues so we didn’t interrupt. I wanted to personally congratulate you on a great career, and to let you know I have missed very few of your “ramblings” over the years. Great stories, well written and conceived. I hope I get to see you in person one of these days.
    Your admirer,
    Dennis Goulden.
    PS: I had forgotten that first Emmy banquet, but I still have one of those scrawny little statue/awards! Good memories. One fact I always wanted to share with you was that I actually owned a Metropolitan back in 1957. And a friend owned an Isetta that was an ISO (before BMW bought the marque).


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