Lets Go Flying

We re-visit one of my favorite places, Geauga County Airport and the good folks at the Cleveland Soaring Society. I think I am going to keep encouraging Natalie to give it a try. (Watch the exchange with David and Natalie after the piece runs.)
By the way, sorry this is late getting posted but I was on the road yesterday with Tomi Ambrose, my producer and Herb Thomas our cameraman. we were filming some “secret” beach of northeast Ohio for a segment we will run on New Day Cleveland on July 2nd. We even tried to locate the rumored nude beaches that are supposed to be in NE Ohio. We’ll probably talk about that on the show.

2 thoughts on “Lets Go Flying”

    1. As I have pointed out before in similar requests, it is extremely difficult to make individual suggestions to people unless I have a whole lot more information. For example you say “moms and six boys roadtrip” I have no idea what the various kids, or moms, like to do. I don’t know where the road trip is headed or how long you will be on the road. Is it a day trip? Is it a vacation that will last a week or more? Are the boys active in sports? What kind? Do we have to deal with any physical challanges? How about allergies? Will this be an overnight stay? How much can you spend? Do you need only free attractions?
      I would suggest that you get one of my books, “One Tank Trips,” “Ohio Oddities” or “Strange Tales From OhiO” at your local library, or nearest book store and go through the book with the kids and make a list of the various things they want to do and then see if it fits in with your travel plans. Off the top of my head I would assume that you have considered a trip to the Lake Erie Islands or King’s Islands or Cedar Point. You might remember Ohio has some great Metro Parks that offer lots of free things to do, For example in Sylvania, Ohio there is a fossil park that allows the kids to dig and take home any fossils they find. In Lake County at Penitentiary Glen Park they have a miniature steam railroad that offers free rides once a month. There are waterfalls, hiking trails and lots of activities like canoeing, zip-lines and other things to do in the Hocking Hills. But….as I pointed out earlier, you need to do some planning with the boys to determine just what you want to do. Hope you have a great trip.

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