The Blue Hole Lives On

The Blue Hole of Castalia, Ohio was once known as Ohio’s Greatest Natural Wonder. It closed after nearly 70 years in the 1990’s. But thanks to the State of Ohio, The Blue Hole is open again at another, nearby location. It was our topic for today’s One Tank Trip.

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    1. That was just one of the many legends about the Blue Hole. I used to fantasize that in some Chinese village there was this pond with blue water and if you dove far enough, you came up to the surface in this Chinese Village. Truth is: The water rally comes from an underground river and is about seventy feet below the surface at that certain point in Castalia.

  1. My 5th great-grandfather, Dorastus Snow, was the first white settler in the area. He was given land to build a mill at cold creek because the water would never freeze. One book said the sides of the stream kept collapsing, eventually creating the Blue Hole. The men were working in the fields when and his wife, who being attended to by neighbors since she was in labor, was attacked by local Indians. She was scalped, and 2 children were killed. The rest of the women and children were kidnapped and taken to Detroit, where the Indians tried to sell them as slaves.

    1. The New Blue Hole is located at the State-operated Fish Hatchery at 7018 Homegardner Road, Castalia, just around the corner from the location of the original Blue Hole. It is free, but open only when the hatchery is open Mon-Fri. It is usually closed on weekends.

      1. Thank you so much for this information. I remember, at least once every summer when my sisters and I were kids, taking a ride to Castalia with our parents to see the Blue Hole. As a child it seemed so amazing. We would usually go to an animal safari place, some dinosaur type forest place, (can’t recall the names of these attractions now). and “Mystery Hill, (one name I do remember), that was a house that “supposedly defied gravity” , and “Deer Park”. an outdoor animal petting farm type attraction. They were all located in or around Castalia. I think most don’t even exist anymore. It was a simpler life back then, that’s for sure ☺

        1. The Animal Safari place I believe was Jungle Larry’s Animal Safari, and the dinosaur place was Prehistoric Forest. I found on line where most of the dinosaurs had been sold off or are for sale on line. Things were certainly simpler back then. The best times were the trip there, the planning,

        2. yes I took my kids to see all those attractions many years ago. we used to go to kelleys island a lot before it became unaffordable..wish I could do the same for my grandkds..great memories..

  2. Cost of refurbishment to meet ADA standards? Heck, just get a diver to collect all the pennies tossed into it over the years! I know I’m responsible for at least 20 cents myself…

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