Ohio’s Most Haunted Village

The ghosts are walking through Waynesville this month. In case you missed our One Tank Trip on Tuesday, October 22nd, here is another chance to see what we were up to on New Day Cleveland on Fox 8 TV. By the way, the drink that Natalie is teasing me about was from an earlier segment that day in which she showed off her bar-tending skills and prepared a punch for Halloween. It was a nonalcoholic drink, but she added a full bottle of rum to make it more palative for the adults. It was pretty potent!

2 thoughts on “Ohio’s Most Haunted Village”

  1. Neil, You and your crew did a very nice job with the Waynesville Ghost story report. However it was the Quakers ,not Shakers who settled Waynesville. The Shakers settled outside of Lebanon at Otterbein Village. No problem, people make that mistake all the time. We even have had a program on it at the Museum at the Friends Home. Thanks for visiting us. Linda Morgan

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