Sauder Village, A Trip Back In Time

You might call Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio, a small version of Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village. Erie Sauder, founder of Sauder Furniture, spent the last years of his life collecting buildings and things from the past in northwest Ohio and brought them together at his man-made village that he created on a farm near Archbold. It’s a collection of craftshops, with artisans and craftspeople who keep alive the trades and professions of more than a century ago. It is also a unique collection of artifacts. Take a few moments and join us as we go on a One Tank Trip to Archbold, Ohio

1 thought on “Sauder Village, A Trip Back In Time”

  1. Very interesting and informative . Nice quiet village enjoyed the craftsmen in each building especially the glass worker.

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