NW Ohio Railroad Museum And A Place To Celebrate Oktoberfest

We’re headed to northwest Ohio and the railroad town of Bellevue where one of the state’s larges railroad museums is located. One of the Mad River and NKP Railroad Museum’s prized possessions is a bell believed to have been on one of the locomotives that pulled the funeral train of Abraham Lincoln. We also discover a really authentic German restaurant where they will soon be celebrating Oktoberfest. Take a look.

1 thought on “NW Ohio Railroad Museum And A Place To Celebrate Oktoberfest”

  1. I’ve been to see the museum in Bellevue 3 times and it’s always worth the ride from Vermilion. (I actually live in Columbus but always spend some part of every summer in Vermilion.) It’s neat seeing all the train cabooses because I remember growing up and seeing them and now they’re pretty much obsolete now.

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