Ohio’s Only Floating Island

This week we travel to central Ohio and Buckeye Lake. The lake has over 21 islands and one of them is very special, Cranberry Bog Island, and island that actually floats. Take a look at the Tuesday, Ocober 7th segment that we did on New Day Cleveland on Fox 8 TV. Let me know if you like it.

1 thought on “Ohio’s Only Floating Island”

  1. To Mr. and Mrs. Zurcher and the wonderful staff with “One Tank Trips”. I just had the opportunity to see the show. It was wonderful. I was thrilled with the wonderful way theBog/ Island was presented. You had me interested !!!
    I am sorry it took me till now to see it. I missed the orginal airdate.
    Thank you again for honoring us with a segment on your show. I was thrilled to be a part of
    the Neil Zurcher legacy showcasing my hometown and my beloved lake.
    Warmly, J-me Braig & the Buckeye Lake Historical Society,

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