World Recognition Of Some Ohio Autumn Color

Looking for the most beautiful fall color in the entire world? Well a new book published by the National Geographic Society says that Holmes County Ohio is one of the top ten places in the world to witness the changing of leaves in the autumn of the year. We discovered that local folks in Holmes County had been saying that for years. One man who should know is photographer Doyle Yoder who lives and works in Holmes County. His work has been displayed in books and magazine covers all over the world. Join us for another look at autumn in Holmes County through the lens of Doyle Yoder’s camera.

1 thought on “World Recognition Of Some Ohio Autumn Color”

  1. Greetings Neil. That was The Family favorite. Stop by Charm for a ring or 2 of Trail Bologna then over by Sugercreek for a small wheel of Baby Swiss, Maybe ride the train. Catch it when it is really Red.
    Somewhere in between is Mary’s Bakery, Sam Miller’s Family Owned Bakery, Really Nice Folks. Been so long Sam is Most likely gone now, They had log cabins for rent,6 or 8, I think.. The Kids vetoed that Idea
    Last time down a group of church Ladies from Lorain were in Native Garb doing apple Butter and bunking in the cabins. Fond memories. It was loaded with tourist. 39 was backed up, We were ride alongs that time. I just turn off on a country road and enjoy. Don’t have to drive that far to see a traffic Jamb..
    Those back roads were as safe as any.. Went through some Oak works.Nice Furniture. living in Yuma AZ Now on. Take care.

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